Tuesday, January 18

STALKER 2 will have NFT: Those who buy them will be able to become characters in the game

GSC Game World has announced through an official press release that STALKER 2, his long-awaited paranormal action game set in Chernbil, will have its own NFT collection (tokens non-expendable) in collaboration with the company DMarket, a firm specialized in the commercialization of digital products in the blockchain in the creation of metaversos. In fact, the creation of a metaverso from STALKER that already has its own profile on Twitter.

As in other games, the STALKER 2 NFTs will serve to give some exclusivity to certain game items by associating them with a code that we can find in the blockchain From which we can track which users have been its owners and which allow their sale on certain platforms. That s, from GSC Game World warn that these virtual objects will have no effect on the gameplay game nor will they give advantages over other players, being only aesthetic complements.

Buy NFT to become an NPC

In addition to these items, GSC Game World and DMarket will put on sale a particular type of NFT that will give the possibility of become a game character to those who acquire it. It will be in January 2022 when these NFTs are auctioned that will allow users to become NPC (or metahumanos, as the project managers call them) in-game after attending the studio in person to undergo a three-dimensional scan using photogrammetry techniques.

“With global trends in gaming in mind, we can do more than just deliver an immersive gaming experience. Our players can have a deeper presence in the game, and we will give them this opportunity by introducing them to the first AAA game with a meta experience. nica “, he assures Evgeniy Grygorovych, CEO de GSC Game World.

STALKER 2 It is scheduled to launch on April 28 on Xbox Series X / S, PC and Xbox Game Pass, although the main responsible for these platforms have charged against NFTs to the point of blocking the sale of games with this technology: Phil Spencer, jefe de Xbox, already made it clear that he considered them to be a danger to video games, while Steam, platform on which it is still possible to reserve STALKER 2, has banned the sale of these types of games.


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