Wednesday, August 17

Splinter Cell returns: Ubisoft officially confirms they are working on the remake

After multiple rumors have pointed to the possible existence of a remake from Splinter CellToday Ubisoft has confirmed that they are indeed working on it. Specifically, it is the team of Ubisoft Toronto, main responsible for Far Cry 6, who is developing this new title in the saga. He is creating it with Snowdrop, the new generation engine that is also being used to Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and the announced game of Star Wars, so we can guess that it will come out on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC, although neither platforms nor launch date have been specified.

The company today published information about this new project of the adventures of Sam Fisher and he has done it both with a presentation video, in which we can only see images of previous games, and with a extensive interview to three of the main developers Chris Auty, Matt West and Peter Handrinos, creative director, producer and technical producer respectively.

Not be an open world game

According to those responsible for the project, remake from Splinter Cell is in the early stages of development and, in fact, they are looking for new profiles who want to join the team. In the interview they explain that they are going to build on the first game to build it from scratch, moving away from remastering, achieving a graphical improvement but also a much deeper tactical stealth system that does justice to the advances that the first installment incorporated in 2002. A that respect has ensured that be a linear game, not in open world as the rumors suggest.

Although not many more details have been given, the three people in charge of the game assure that they want to achieve a delivery that pleases both fans of the saga and new players, keeping intact the essence of Splinter Cell while taking it to new graphic and technical levels with advancements in lighting, animations, gameplay, artificial intelligence and even sound. Finally they have confirmed their intentions to keep the franchise alive by admitting that with this game are “building a solid foundation” for future releases.

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