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Speedrunner finishes Mario 64 in less than 2 hours and blindfolded | Levelup

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We get quite an interesting piece of news related to Super Mario 64, since it has just been announced that a user managed to finish it in less than 2 hours and blindfolded!

Super Mario 64 It has become a classic that offered the right way of how a 3D video game should be developed. Since its release in 1996 for the Nintendo 64, it is regarded as one of the best titles in the industry.

Super Mario 64 was released 25 years ago

Because of this, there is a community that to this day continues to squeeze it to keep enjoying everything it offers. And part of that community are the speedrunners, who look for any way to get the best time to finish it.

One of them, who runs the YouTube channel Bubzia – Blindfolded Speedruns, decided to beat his personal record of Super Mario 64, so he set to work to get a new time of 1:44:28, collecting 70 stars.

You may think that the time is not impressive by the number of stars obtained, but the great twist of this user is that all the time he had his eyes completely covered.

Here you can see it:

According to the information shared, everything indicates that the talented speedrunner is training to achieve the 120 stars of the game blindfolded, something that we will have to wait to see if it is achieved.

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