Tuesday, August 9

Sniper Elite 5 to launch in 2022, new campaign set in France

After a fairly brief appearance at the Game Awards, Indie Studio’s hit third-person shooter Rebillions is back. Shown in the [email¬†protected] Stream, Rebellion also confirmed a 2022 release date for Sniper Elite 5.

The fifth entry aims to surpass its predecessor, Sniper Elite 4, which was the best-selling game in the series. Players will be able to fight their way through a new campaign set in France. The fan-favorite bullet cameras that made Sniper Elite famous also make their bloody return. They do, however, feature vast improvements ranging from SMG / sidearm kill cams to improved bone physics and even more shocking cinematic kills.

Rebellion has described the game’s map as the “largest and most immersive” the franchise has ever seen, citing multiple exits and infiltration points, improved traversal capabilities, and photogrammetry as the most significant improvements over previous games.

Sniper Elite 5 also includes multiple options for those who wish to play with their friends. The return of the in-and-out co-op, a wave-based survival mode, and 16-player PVP give players tons of options in that regard.

Although no release date was given, the game was announced for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox series consoles. Additionally, a day one release for Xbox Game Pass was also revealed.


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