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Silent Night’s final twist explained and the real meaning

Silent Night is a Christmas horror comedy with an exceptional cast and a great twist. Here’s a breakdown of what happens to art and what it means.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Silent Night

Despite having all the makings of a fun Christmas movie with the perfect combination of family drama and Christmas carols, Silent NightThe final twist turns the movie into something much darker. Directed by Camille Griffin, the apocalyptic Christmas movie features a brilliant ensemble of British actors (with the exception of American Lily-Rose Depp, who plays Catherine on Netflix. The king) directed by Kiera Knightley and Matthew Goode, but the highlight is the director’s son, young actor Roman Griffin Davis, in the role of Art. It is the art of Griffin Davis that offers a much deeper meaning to what, otherwise it is strange but entertaining. Silent Night during the end of the movie.

Set in what appears to be present-day England, the film begins with the gathering of family and friends at the country house of Nell, Simon, Art, and their twin brothers Hardy and Thomas (who are played by Roman Griffin Davis in the real – life brothers Hardy and Gilby). A familiar mix of personalities descends upon the house (as is a tradition in joint Christmas tales): the abrasive and brutally honest Bella (played by Lucy Punch of the Gossip Girl reboot) and his partner Alex; the Diva, Sandra and her bored husband Tony (along with their brat daughter Kitty, who is responsible for the drama in the younger group); and the heartthrob character, James, with his out-of-town girlfriend Sophie. As the Christmas movie hoaxes and fiascos ensue, an ominous secret is revealed: The world is coming to an end and everyone plans to catch a government-issued broadcast. “exit pill“To avoid a torturous death by poison gas. The only dissenters are Sophie (Lily-Rose Depp), who recently found out she’s pregnant, and Art, who voices his profanity-peppered doubt aloud throughout the film.

When the group’s last night on earth draws to a close and toxic gas threatens to engulf the house, Art objects and his actions leave him the only one left alive. Is within Silent Night final moment when Art (Jojo Rabbit’s Roman Griffin Davis) wakes up to a bed full of his dead family, a house full of his dead friends, and a world of allegedly limited survivors, which the film truly embraces and reveals his horror roots, eradicating any hope for a happy ending to. the holidays. In the end, Art is vindicated and is alive, but alone, highlighting Silent NightThe complex and nuanced message of the end of the torsion.

Silent Night’s Christmas title is more than Christmas

While the film’s title is an obvious play on the traditional Christmas carol, there’s more to it. Silent Night title that a clever nod to the holidays. As the characters submit to their fears and take their “output pickups, “A common symptom emerges: they lose the ability to speak. Bella tries to say something to Alex (played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste, who played Anita in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians prequel, Cruella) after stabbing her, but Bella discovers she has no voice before falling to the ground in a parody-like death. Young Kitty also loses her voice and uses her very creepy doll to tell her dead father that she loves him before finally silently hugging her mother. Silent Night It ends with everyone quietly going to their deaths and Art waking up to a quiet morning after a quiet night. This highlights how the Silent Night The title is both a narrative track and a pun.

What is gas in Silent Night?

Gas in Silent Night It is never named and described only in its appearance and effect, with many of its elements leaning towards the supernatural. Appearing first as tiny clouds of dust and then as tornadoes, the poisonous gas arrives in a kind of superstorm that inexplicably involves lightning, thunder, and strong wind. Also, although Art’s mother, Nell (Love Actually’s Kiera Knightley), describes the poison as in the air and all in Silent Night refers to it as a gas, the water that flows when Alex turns on the tap near the end of the movie is brown and has a foul odor that gives the idea that the water is also contaminated.

In effect, the gas attacks the nervous system like other deadly gases known as sarin. Symptoms of exposure to sarin (through Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) include muscle spasms, seizures, loss of consciousness, paralysis, and respiratory failure. Immediately after Art is exposed to a cloud of toxic dust, in Silent Night, appears to be unaffected by the venom (or any symptoms are hidden by the trauma he suffers from seeing the dead family in the car). Alone in his room, after his father, Simon (played by Matthew Goode, who will join the Kingsman franchise with the next The king’s man)Believing Art is safe in bed, Art starts to cling and gasp for air. Later, when his mother cradles him in bed, Art suffers from the paralysis associated with nerve-affecting poisons such as sarin, and his mother, Nell, believes he is simply subdued. When she finally frees him, it is his limp body along with the blood from his nose and eyes that leads her and the family to believe that Art is dead (though, ridiculously, no one checks his pulse) and they all rush to take their tablets. However, while Art’s symptoms are delayed in Silent NightThe effects of sarin are immediate and occur in the first moments after exposure. Furthermore, with other poisons that affect the nervous system, the victim typically loses control of their bodily functions, something that was absent in Art’s struggle.

Another possibility is a version of sulfur mustard similar to the hydrogen-corrupted mustard gas conceptualized in 2017. Wonder Woman, as the CDC points out (via Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) that “Sulfur mustard vapor can be carried long distances by wind.. Symptoms of exposure include agitation of the body’s mucous membranes, which would explain Art’s bloody eyes and nose. Also, like sarin, sulfur mustard affects the respiratory tract, but unlike sarin. , sulfur mustard is not a nerve agent and would not cause the seizures that Art experiences in Silent Night. Also, while sarin is likely to cause death, sulfur mustard is unlikely to kill anyone who could possibly explain why Art survives. Interestingly, the water can be contaminated by both sarin and sulfur mustard, and while sarin is odorless and colorless, sulfur mustard can make the water appear yellow or brown and smell like onion, garlic, or mustard, explaining the scene. above with Alex.

Silent Night is not really a movie about Christmas … or the end of the world

Between the theater premieres of December 2021, Silent Night It is presented as a Christmas movie with the feel-good comedy associated with the genre. Likewise, the film delivers horror at the end when Art wakes up with his dead family and becomes a survivor in a world full of “exit pill“Consumers. Silent Night, however, it is more than just a Christmas horror comedy.

Along the Silent NightArt raises questions about whether the scientists could be wrong and whether the government could be misleading the people. Through the other characters’ arguments about suffering and pain, Art remains unconvinced, but his fears are revealed and become examples of how fear propaganda and fake news can spread in today’s culture. When Art is the only one left alive, his survival lends itself to the underlying themes throughout Silent Night that the government is wrong, the science is wrong, the news is misleading, and that fear and lack of courage are the greatest threat to humanity.

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