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Pokémon Legends Arceus Introduces the Diamond and Pearl Clans; Darkrai can be captured

Leyendas Pokmon Arceus In a recent preview offered by the Pokémon channel in Spanish on YouTube, he shows us the new faces that we will be able to see in the Hisui region. Broadly speaking, the trailer presents us the Diamond Clan and the Pearl Clan, two organizations led by the hierarchs Adamas and Nkara respectively. These two new rival teams join other organizations that we can find in the game developed by Game Freak such as Galaxy Expedition Team of which to be part of our protagonist. Below you can see the full trailer and we will detail the information about each team (via Gematsu).

The members of the Diamond Clan team are convinced that it is important to appreciate the present and live in the moment with allies, while on the other hand the members of the Pearl Clan defend the importance of valuing the land shared by all. Despite the fact that both clans have different frictions for having very different ideals, the truth is that they have certain similarities that are easily visible at first glance. For example, both clans wear clothing designed to resemble certain types of Pokémon and pay homage to a number of special creatures known as “lords” and “ladies”. It should also be noted that Adamas, head of the Diamond Clan, has a Leafeon as his main companion; Nkara for his part has a Glaceon.

Darkrai event and exclusive set for Pokémon Shining Diamond / Shimmering Pearl holders

Beyond the hierarchs and their clans, the new trailer has also shown us a first look at the merchants that we can find in our adventure. The Ginko Company, the name by which this team of merchants is known, is led by Bilo; Bilo’s servants will sell us all kinds of resources and useful objects to enhance the performance of our Pokémon in combat, among others. On the other hand, it has also been confirmed that those who have a save file of Pokémon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl will have exclusive access to a special event for capture the Darkrai, the Legendary Dark-type Pokémon; additionally you can claim the Galactic Team Galactic Ensemble.

Pokmon Leyendas Arceus is scheduled to launch in the next January 28, 2022 and these last few months we have been receiving the juiciest information, such as new Hisui forms for Voltorb and Zorua. Those of you who are interested in the title, we encourage you to reserve it through GAME to get a Exclusive Arceus figure and a DLC including new outfits. Just below these lines we have left you a gallery of images with the designs of the new characters, Darkrai and the set.

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