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PlayStation wants to recover the good relationship it had with the indies | Levelup

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One of Sony’s successes during the closing of the PS3 era and the rise of PS4 was the great relationship established with the independent scene, which in those years fiercely made its way into the industry. For many years, PlayStation was a good home for independent companies, studios and creatives, but then that changed, creating a huge gap. However, it seems that Sony has reconsidered and has launched in search of fixing things with the indies.

Sony wants to fix things with indie creatives

According to information from GameRantFollowing complaints issued by members of the independent scene against Sony for the current state of relations with PlayStation, the Japanese company sent a document entitled 2021 Global Partner Survey Results, which shares the results of a survey related to this situation and where it recognizes that there are points in which it has to work immediately to close the distance that has been marked with the creators of indie games.

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PlayStation to make indies a priority partner

According to this document, PlayStation will improve communication channels with creatives and publishers to boost the publishing process, clarify doubts from those involved and provide an experience that meets the needs of all parties.

In addition, PlayStation promises to support indie creatives and companies so that their games sell better on Sony consoles, in addition to offering new tools to improve dissemination and provide greater visibility to low-profile games, something that they suffered during the PS4 era.

Lastly, PlayStation is committed to improving the customer service experience so that it is prompt and meets the needs of video game creators. In fact, one of the goals of this strategy is to make indies a priority partner.

While there is still a long way to go to repair relations between PlayStation and the indie scene, the recent support for projects such as Kena: Bridge of Spirits Y Tchia It is an example of the brand’s new stance in the face of past mistakes.

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