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Nintendo Switch Indie World Recap: Omori, OlliOlli World, Chicory, Sea of ​​Stars and More

Nintendo today celebrated a new edition of Indie World, the event in which the company highlights some of the Independent news coming to Switch soon. Among the most prominent announcements we find all kinds of projects, from some more well-known to others that have just been published, including games that will reach the hybrid in the future and others that can be purchased in the Spanish eShop from today. Here is a review of the most prominent titles of the event:

Chicory: A Colorful Tale and other games arriving today in the eShop

One of the best things about the Indie World is that there are always some other video games that are released that same day, and without prior notice, are announced in the Nintendo Switch digital store. Today’s edition has not had one of these but two: on the one hand it has been revealed that the great Chicory: A Colorful Tale arrives today at the hybrid after its premiere on PS5, PS4 and PC in June of this year, and for another, the launch of Timelie, Lets Play! Oink Games Y Dungeon Munchies in the console eShop.

Sea of ​​Stars confirms its arrival on Switch in 2022

One of the first Indie World announcements has been Sea of Stars, the new project from the creators of The Messenger. We already know of its existence, at least since its successful Kickstarter, and now Sabotage Studio has confirmed its arrival on Nintendo Switch. As with PC, the only additional platform that is confirmed at the moment, its release window has not been detailed beyond a wide “Christmas 2022”, so we forgot to see it published within a year.

OlliOlli World premieres on Switch February 8

Roll7, responsible for OlliOlli World, have confirmed in this Indie World that their long-awaited and colorful project of skate in two dimensions will be released on Nintendo Switch on February 8, 2022 and you can already book in the eShop. This project is confirmed on all other platforms (PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One and PC) and will be released the same day on all of them. Below you can see a new trailer gameplay:

Figment 2: Creed Valley comes to Switch in February and releases its demo today

Figment 2: Creed Valley It was confirmed for PC, but it was a matter of time that we also saw a version for Nintendo Switch announced. Bedtime Digital Games has confirmed that this sequel to Figment will hit the hybrid in February with its particular local cooperative mode that we can try today thanks to the free demo which is already available in the eShop.

Captura de Figment 2: Creed of Valley.

Aliisha, Omori and Endling coming to Nintendo Switch this spring

The Spanish video game Endling Extinction is Forever, from Herobeat Studios, has gone through the Nintendo event to specify a little more its launch date in the hybrid: we will be able to play this cruel animal adventure, in which we will play one of the last foxes on planet Earth, somewhere moment of spring 2022. Also on those dates will be released Aliisha The Oblivion of Twin Goddesses, a curious puzzle game based on the cooperation between its protagonists, and Kill, a psychedelic turn-based, narrative-based RPG reminiscent of recent great works of the genre such as Undertale.

Endling capture.

Afterlove EP, new from the creator of Coffee Talk, will be released in summer 2022

The creative director of What Comes After Y Coffee Talk come back with Afterlove EP, a flirty musical adventure about love and loss set in Jakarta, Indonesia. In it we learn the story of young Rama, a musician who has just seen his girlfriend pass away and therefore finds himself in the middle of a creative block. Coming to Nintendo Switch in summer 2022.

Captura de Afterlife EP.

Loco Motive and River City Girls 2 also aim for a summer premiere

During the Indie World two other titles have been highlighted that will arrive on Nintendo Switch in summer 2022; on the one hand we have Loco Motive, a peculiar graphic adventure of point and click in which we will have to solve a suspicious death on board a train, and on the other we have River City Girls 2, the sequel to a hilarious fighting game pixel art that comes back with more moves, enemies, areas, and objects, plus a much more branching storyline.

Other indies coming to Switch soon

Even at events dedicated exclusively to indie games we don’t get rid of the traditional minced of indies in which a large amount of information is released in a few seconds. Thanks to this section of the Indie World we have been able to know that in spring three more games will arrive on Switch, Parkasaurus, Don’t Starve Together Y Behind The Frame, that GRIME will be released in summer and that throughout 2022 it will arrive GERDA: A Flame In Winter. It has also been confirmed there that Baby Storm will launch on January 21 in the eShop.


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