Tuesday, August 9

Nintendo may have revealed new mechanics for Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, the provisional name by which the long-awaited sequel to the launch title for Nintendo Switch is known, could have new mechanics such as the possibility of ascend high ground, rewind objects, or expand free fall based on new patents filed by Nintendo and reported by Gaming Bolt. Some of these mechanics could be intuited in the last trailer shown by Nintendo during its presentation at E3 2021, although these patents could have confirmed them almost completely and would also explain their operation within the gameplay of this familiar but different proposal.

The mechanics of ascending high ground would allow us to travel freely up from the ground and traverse a raised platform or suspended ground above us, something we could see in the E3 trailer. Regarding the rewinding of objects, the patent details that it would allow us to point to different specific objects with the intention of reverse your backward movement through time; Again, this mechanic could be seen in a part of the latest official preview. The third and last patent tells us that there will be different types of free falls: normal, dives, low speed and high speed. In a similar way to the first installment, it seems that we will be able to aim with the bow again while we are suspended in the air.

A sequel surrounded by a halo of mystery

Even though the sequel to Breath of the Wild was one of the titles most commented during the period of E3 2021, the truth is that we hardly know information about the new title. What will be the story that we will be told this time? Will we play only with Link or will there be more playable characters? Fans try to solve these and other unknowns with their own personal theories, although not until 2022 -the last approximate release date offered by Nintendo- that we can discover the mysteries and secrets that this new installment hides exclusive to Nintendo Switch.


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