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Neither Fortnite nor Free Fire: Minecraft is the first game to get a billion views on YouTube | Levelup

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Minecraft is a massive game that has managed to stay near the top of the industry for many years. It has a vibrant community that not only plays it, but makes content to share on social media. It is thanks to this that it became the first game to get a billion views on YouTube.

Since the first video of Minecraft was uploaded to YouTube in 2009, the construction game has been a constant on the platform. Thanks to content creators from all over the world, the game has remained one of the most popular and alive on the platform. This is why you can now celebrate more than 1 billion visits.

“Being a part of the video game industry for my entire career, it’s amazing to see how Minecraft It has grown since it first appeared, “said Ryan Wyatt, YouTube Global Game Director.” I remember working with SeaNanners at Machinima when they tested Minecraft for the first time and shared it on YouTube – the appetite for content Minecraft It was impressive, and the fact that it continues to grow year after year is truly amazing. Minecraft It has been the most watched game for many years and to see it reach a billion views is a feat worthy of recognition. Congratulations to Mojang, Microsoft, and the YouTube gamer community! ”

To celebrate this achievement, YouTube released an animated video featuring moments and creators from across the history of Minecraft. He also shared a site with data visualization on the top creators, videos and trends of Minecraft in Youtube. This so that the impact that the game has had on the platform can be better understood.

There will be a YouTube skin pack

Finally, Mojang announced that it will celebrate this brand with the launch of the YouTube Creator Skin Pack. This is a free skin pack that can be downloaded from Minecraft Markletplace for one year.

What do you think about this new? Did you imagine that Minecraft would achieve this goal? Which game do you think is the next to do it? Tell us in the comments.

Minecraft is available for PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and mobile devices. You can learn more about this Mojang title by clicking here.

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