Saturday, June 25

Minecraft videos exceed one billion views on YouTube

Minecraft It is one of the most popular games of the last decade and proof of this is the surprising number of visits that Mojang Studios’ videos of the title have garnered on YouTube. And it is that according to reports from VGC, the videos dedicated to Minecraft have exceeded 1,000,000,000,000 visits, that is, one trillion, on the platform. YouTube itself has created a website that you can access through this link what does it collect the most popular creators and the most remarkable videos made in each year since the game was first released in 2011.

In addition to the website that you can visit, the official YouTube channel has shared a very special video that, like a musical, reviews numerous key moments from some creators in the Minecraft community on YouTube. The platform estimates that, if each viewing lasted only one second, more than 30,000 years of viewing time, quite an outrage. They also highlight that the rate at which views are accumulating is growing rapidly and without brakes, suggesting that the figure of one billion visits would not fail to be surpassed by two billion in a very short time.

New Minecraft content in the future

“As our data shows, it took about eight years for this community to generate 500 billion views, but only another two or so to double that number and reach the trillion. We can only guess what heights they will reach in the future, but, as with this milestone, it will be fun to see how it happens, “they clarify. Minecraft It is still one of the most successful multiplayer video games to this day, something that translates into a lot of new content to come: a possible metaverse and expansion of The Wild, which will officially land in 2022.

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