Wednesday, August 17

Million dollar fine to Grindr for violating the privacy of its users

  • Norwegian regulator sanctions gay, bi and trans community dating app 6.3 million euros for selling private data to third parties

Grindr has illegally shared the private data of its users with third parties. This was established this Wednesday by the Swedish regulatory authority, which has imposed a fine of about 6.3 million euros on the application dating of the gay, bisexual and transgender community for violating the laws of Privacy European.

“Our conclusion is that Grindr has disclosed user data to third parties for behavioral advertising without a legal basis,” said Tobias Judin, head of the international department at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (DPA). And it is that the American app would have shared sensitive information such as the names of its users, their age, their location GPS and your gender. In addition, the mere fact that they use Grindr already gives details about their sexual orientation. The Consumers Council of Norway (CCN) stated in a report that the exchange of this information can represent a physical threat for Grindr users, as their sexual condition it is banned and persecuted in up to 81 countries.

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The Norwegian authority thus establishes that this practice, of which users were not informed and their explicit approval was not required, violates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approved by European Union in 2018, which also regulates data management in Norway even though the country is not part of the community club.

The sanction It is the highest ever imposed for such a case in the Scandinavian country. However, it could have been much higher. Last January, the DPA announced that its intention was to apply a fine of 100 million crowns, which is equivalent to more than 9.7 million euros, a figure that has ended up being lowered thanks to the changes that Grindr has made “to remedy the deficiencies in your prior consent “. The platform has three weeks to appeal the decision.

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