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Lucky’s Tale Review: A Cute Simple VR Adventure

Lucky’s Tale is a charming adventure about a fox who seeks to save his best friend. Lucky’s Tale is played in a similar way to an action platformer from the nineties.

Lucky tale is a simple platform game with some scattered challenges and a poignant narrative. Developed and published by Playful Studios, Lucky tale offers players a few hours of delightful adventures as they progress through 14 levels that are slightly increased in difficulty. There are a few different side activities that players can complete that they do Lucky tale can be replayed after being defeated.

Lucky tale follow the main character’s story as he traverses various worlds on a quest to save his best friend, Piggy. Early in the game, Piggy is captured by Glorp, a relentless tentacled monster looking for a tasty treat when he finds Piggy fast asleep next to Lucky. After Piggy is captured, Lucky follows his trail of gold coins through 14 levels, including two boss fights, to rescue him.

Each level in Lucky taleExcluding the boss levels, it has three sections: the story mode, a time trial and a challenge to collect 25 red coins. Players must complete enough challenges in each of the first four chapters to earn Golden Legs and unlock the next set of levels until they reach the final fifth chapter. The main objective is to track down and defeat Glorp, but players can also try to complete additional challenges to complete 100% in Lucky tale.

In its center, Lucky tale is a modern 3D platform game reminiscent of 90s games like the original Crash Bandicoot. Lucky can jump and move from a maneuverable camera angle that players control. Players will complete each level by running, jumping, and defeating enemies to reach the goal. There are some combat opportunities with different types of creatures, but they are easily solved by swiping the tail or hitting the ground. Each level also has bonus areas for players to find gifts or earn extra points to increase their high scores.

Lucky tale In VR it can be a bit disorienting because, unlike older platformers, players can look around corners and physically move their camera position in-game by moving in real life. While this may seem helpful, it can also lead to some dizziness or loss of depth perception when trying to control Lucky in Lucky tale. This can make it somewhat frustrating to get Lucky to jump or land in the right place, especially in areas where there is only a small platform or an enemy to use to cross a large space.

There is a story in Lucky tale, but it is only relevant in the opening and during the last level where Lucky tries to save Piggy. Otherwise, players can enjoy a fairly simple set of platforming levels with easily eliminated enemies. The biggest problem with Lucky tale is the lack of difficulty even in the later levels of the game. Players with little platform experience can complete Lucky tale in just a couple of hours.

Playing Lucky tale In virtual reality in Quest 2 is a fun and delicious experience with a story about friendship. Additional activities that are unlocked after completing the story mode in each level increase the repeatability of Lucky tale and breaking gameplay that would otherwise be repetitive. With Lucky tale, players can enjoy hours of platforming and guided exploration as they progress through each chapter and complete their mission to save Piggy.

Lucky tale is available for Valve Index, HTC VIVE, VIVE Pro, VIVE Cosmos, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest 2. Juice Mobile received an Oculus Quest 2 digital download code for the purpose of this review.

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