Wednesday, August 10

Juanra Bonet reveals Jordi Hurtado’s ‘secret’ not to get old

En his second program in ‘¡Boom!’, the ‘Sindulfos’, a team made up of Jesus, Raul, Vicente Y Miguel, have remembered the reason for their name before facing their first bomb in the initial phase and Juanra Bonet He has taken advantage of that moment to play one of his jokes.

“Well, it’s your second program, can you remind us a little who you are, where you come from and stuff?”, Asked the presenter of the contest of Antenna 3. “Well, we are from Zaragoza, specifically we are all co-workers in the City Council’s Culture Service and related to museums and exhibitions,” he said. Miguel.

“We are the ‘Sindulfos’, you will wonder if you have not seen yesterday’s program, because Sindulfo García was the protagonist of a book called ‘Anacronópete’, which was a time machine, and Sindulfo, a great scientist, was from Zaragoza, like us “, has continued Vicente.

Jordi Hurtado, presenter of Know and win.

The real ‘secret’ of Jordi Hurtado not to get old

“And little else. Sindulfo invented the ‘Garcia Fluid’, which is what allowed him to travel and not age or rejuvenate. It is clear that we have not had access to it,” he added. Raul, a detail that has made a lot of fun Juanra Bonet. “However, do we have evidence of whether Jordi Hurtado Isn’t it a sindulfo? ” ‘¡Boom!’. “It appears in the novel”, the game has followed Jesus, who has continued with the joke: “The other day I saw a graffiti that read: ‘What world are we leaving for Jordi Hurtado?”.

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