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Huawei presents GameCenter, a store that will give money to buy micropayments

Huawei wants Android mobile phone players to use its app store instead of Google’s Play Store, and for this it has put the following initiative on the table: microtransactions in games What Garena Free Fire, Fortnite, Top Eleven and the rest of the catalog titles will be rewarded with Huawei Points, which allow you to make more purchases in GameCenter, the renewed game store of the Chinese manufacturer.

This is only one of the measures with which the technology company intends to gain weight in a market where it is difficult to gain a foothold, but which is in constant growth, both in the segment of consoles and the PC, as well as in that of mobile devices. According to data provided by Huawei in a GameCenter presentation in Madrid, the 49% of the revenues generated by the medium in 2020 correspond to mobile games, which for the most part use a momentization system based on the free to play with microtransactions: cosmetic items, battle passes, bypass currencies, game time limiters, experience boosters and other methods.

In addition to the aforementioned Huawei Points to promote that players download and spend in their store (the third in the world, after the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, depending on the brand) rather than the competition, it has also launched player communities, more rewards even for whales (those users who leave large amounts in micropayments) and numerous benefits for developers that will have an indirect impact on users.

GameCenter, communities and VIP players

Since late 2019, Huawei and Honor phones and tablets dispense with Google services (Play Store, YouTube, etc.) due to the veto that the United States imposed on the Chinese company, which has had the secondary effect that AppGallery, Huawei’s App Store, Grow in popularity: the brand is popular in China (although it is not in the top five of mobiles sold in the country) and in the low and mid-range devices of the rest of the world.

After the store’s debut in China in 2011, its preliminary landing in Spain in 2017 and its subsequent global launch a year later, AppGallery has become the third store from the market with 560 million users global. It is pre-installed on all Honor and Huawei devices, and can be download on Android through an APK.

As in the rest of the stores, videogames are among the apps popular ms, and that has led Huawei to take a different approach than its competitors. In August 2020 launched GameCenter in testing phase, dedicated exclusively to games, and now re-released with numerous improvements and new features after studying the opinions of preliminary users.

Huawei GameCenter

The store, too pre-installed on the brand’s devices and downloadable on any Android From the AppGallery (a company representative has explained to us that they are trying to speed up the process to obtain GameCenter in a single step on Android phones), has as its main incentive the aforementioned Huawei Points that are obtained with purchases. Those points can be used in more microtransactions, but also in other services como Huawei Music.

In addition, they have taken care of the creating GameCenter user communities in different countries, including Spain. A team of the company is dedicated to managing a Discord server (AppGallery Juegos Espaa) with channels for the most popular online games where they are usually made. loyalty activities, like the distribution of coupons. Also collaborate with content creators, As the youtuber Anikilo (2.7 million subscribers), present at the presentation of the digital store, to promote activities among players, offer exclusive objects for games, run promotions with the release of updates for the most popular titles and others.

They have also automated a more select rewards program. Huawei’s team rewarded with coupons to spend in the store to those users who spend the most money. With GameCenter a program of VIP players, those who spend from 500 euros per month (“that’s a lot”, according to a Huawei representative). While some will be content creators who spend large sums to make videos for their channels, others will be the aforementioned whales or whales. There will be different tiers coupon rewards that will add up to a 25 of discount of the purchase.

Huawei GameCenter

For developers: a way to enter the Chinese market

Huawei has detailed several initiatives that make GameCenter attractive to developers, but one of them, perhaps not the most colorful, is the most important. China It is on its way to becoming the main video game market, and it already is if we only talk about mobile games. But to distribute a game in the Asian country you have to go through a series of government controls which are, if possible, even harsher for foreign creators. Huawei helps publishers get their titles published there via AppGallery and GameCenter.

Game creators have other common tools on other platforms, such as preloads and game launches by territories, but they can also release titles in early access (for example, with a handful of levels or worlds) in specific areas of the world to study how users receive it.

The AppGallery, in the same way as the Epic Games Store on PC, aims to gain popularity with two movements to attract developers (although in this case without exclusivity in between): offer a Negotiable profit sharing that is at least 80% for the developer 20% for the store (normal for the rest of stores is 70-30) and the investment in development Through marketing resources or in exchange for creators integrating the brand’s APIs.

Huawei GameCenter

To this we must add strategic collaborations, for example that the company present the game of some independent study at the Mobile World Congress or promote 5G technology with some title. In addition, from Huawei they ensure that after the launch of the game a human team stays in contact with the development studio to carry out activities with users, promotions of major updates and more.

Ultimately, Huawei intends with GameCenter to attract players and developers so that, in addition to the users of their devices, the rest of Android players (a “high” percentage of total GameCenter users, depending on the brand) is broad enough to stand up to that titan that is Google.

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