Monday, August 8

Horizon Forbidden West is shown for the first time on its version of PS4; looks awesome

You had doubts about what it would look like Horizon Forbidden West on your PS4 version? The truth is that intergenerational titles can show great differences between their old and new generation versions, although the screenshots shared by Guerrilla Games through their official Twitter account demonstrate the great job the studio has done with the PS4 edition. The fact that the title looks so impressive in a hardware seemingly outdated is not a surprise considering that Guerrilla is part of PlayStation Studios, so the game has been developed specifically for both PS4 and PS5.

It is true that you will be able to appreciate certain notable differences with the version that will arrive for PS5, especially in regard to ray tracing, exclusive effects for the new generation Sony console and DualSense functionalities, although it is still surprising make the title look even better than Horizon: Zero Dawn, which managed to establish itself as one of the greatest technical marvels of PS4. The captures show two very different biomes: on the one hand, a lush jungle with impeccable lighting effects for PS4, while on the other we can see an extensive desert in which the Long necks that we imagine will again serve as the so-called “Ubisoft towers”.

Horizon 2 on PS4 first im


A sequel that promises to expand on the good of the first game

Forbidden West have a multitude of Important news with respect to its first installment and recently it showed us some more gameplay focused on its playability, which seems to have improved in depth and control. Like the first title, this new installment of the saga Horizon have an important exploration component to collect all kinds of resources and discover secrets, in addition to different special abilities in and out of combat that will allow us to approach confrontations in more creative ways and explore the environment in various ways. The sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn will go on sale next February 18 for PS4 and PS5; it can already be booked through different establishments.

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