Friday, July 1

Halo Infinite receives new adjustments to its battle pass to improve challenges

343 Industries re-modifies the challenge system of Halo Infinite to improve the experience of the players in multiplayer mode. Just a couple of days ago, the developer announced new lists and some adjustments to the challenges in order to satisfy users who were not entirely satisfied with their experience. According to reports from Eurogamer, this is about the third general update that the challenges and progression system receive since the beta was launched on November 15th.

Although from the study they explain that changes to the XP system based on performance, XP per match, and “extra progression vectors” will be slow to arrivealthough some significant adjustments have already been made. For example, a number of specific challenges from modes and activities have been completely eliminated and your requirements or overall weight have been reduced. Also, general challenges will now have more importance. These changes have been made in response to complaints that the challenge system requires players to complete certain specific challenges of a mode and an activity when neither modes nor activities could yet be chosen.

The Fracture Time Event: Tenrai Receiving Adjustments

“We understand that the inability to choose a specific mode to match a specific challenge can be frustrating and Today’s changes should help reduce some of that friction in the short term while continuing to work for the long term.“, clarified 343 Industries. On the other hand, it is also expected that changes will be introduced for the recent event of Fracture: Tenrai. “Players commented that it was difficult to progress through Event Challenges because got ‘stuck’ behind weekly challenges and / or didn’t have enough to tackle during event week“added a company representative.

Fracture: Tenrai It ended two weeks ago, although from 343i they promise that when it returns it will do so with changes after listening to the comments of the players. “From now on, and when Fracture: Tenrai come back, Event Challenges will arrive more often, eliminating the gaps a player got stuck waiting for. Although Events will often still have a finite limit on the number of challenges available in a given week – meaning that it will take several weeks to play to complete them. the maximum increased to provide more cushioning and allow highly engaged players to progress a little faster“.

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