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Demon Slayer: All Flame Breathing Techniques, Explained

The Flame Breathing fighting style in Demon Slayer features some of the most beautiful and powerful techniques on the show. Here is the breakdown.

Murderer of demons It has rapidly risen in popularity to become one of the most watched and loved anime of all time. Ufotable deserves all the credit for animating a beautiful show that has become the driving force behind the popularity of the manga. The fact that Demon Slayer: Mugen Train has become the highest grossing Japanese film of all time is a testament to how beloved this series is.

A big part of what it does Murderer of demons such a beloved show are its fight scenes. The breathing styles these assassins use in battle create beautiful visuals as they engage in some truly high octane battles. Flame breathing is one of those techniques that is beautiful to witness, with Kyojuro showing the effectiveness of this technique during the Mugen Train arc. For curious fans, here are all the techniques of this breathing style.

6 First form: unknown fire

Flame Breathing is a fierce technique that uses a combination of power and skill to decimate any enemy that may be in a person’s path. Each of its forms is intended to communicate the sheer force of power that accompanies each stroke in this style of breathing.

The first form itself is as brutal as it is stunningly beautiful. It is the simplest technique, where the user simply charges towards the enemy and attempts to decapitate him with the quickest and cleanest blow. However, a technique that sounds so basic ends up taking a shape of its own with the power of Flame Breathing. It shows everything that cannot be played with this technique in the least.

5 Second Form: Rising Searing Sun

The second form of Flame Breathing is an effective technique that uses the upward trajectory of a sword cut to great effect. Flame Breathing users who manage to control their breathing can unleash an extremely powerful upward slash that rises in a near-perfect arc and decapitates any enemy unlucky enough to get caught in this technique.

It is beautiful in adaptation, with the rising arc and trail of flames looking absolutely gorgeous. The Rising Scorching Sun is another simple yet powerful technique that most Flame Breathing users should be familiar with if they want to call themselves the masters of this particular breathing style.

4 Third Form: Fiery Universe

The third form of Flame Breathing is practically the opposite of the second form. Instead of moving the blade up, the user strikes down with as much power as possible. Most of the lesser demons would be incapacitated at once with this technique, although it is obvious that someone like Akaza would require much more effort to be cared for with this technique.

While Blazing Universe might not have been as effective in Murderer of demonsIt cannot be denied that this movement still has a lot of power. It is one of the best techniques present in this style of breathing and can serve as a valuable addition to anyone’s arsenal.

3 Fourth form: ripple of blooming flames

Certain moves in a breathing style end up being incredibly useful due to the impressive degree of their usefulness in battle. This applies to Blooming Flame Undulation, which allows Flame Breathing users to mount great attack and defense at the same time due to the practical nature of this technique.

The explanation makes this technique seem quite simple, with the user turning their blade in a circular motion at fast speeds. However, it is the application of this technique that makes it so useful in battle. It allows users to block and deflect projectiles when at long range, and is particularly devastating at close range against a group of demons. If this technique is carried out to the letter, it would not be an exaggeration to say that various enemies could easily be beheaded with this technique.

2 Fifth Form: Fire Tiger

Sometimes a single attack is not enough to take down a resistant demon. In such a case, the user must carry out multiple attacks with pinpoint precision to expose defenses and hopefully land a killing blow. Flame Breathing’s fifth form is meant to accommodate this requirement, with Flame Tiger being one of its best moves.

This technique involves the user using multiple sword slashes to reduce their opponent, with the aura of their attacks so strong and overwhelming that they take the form of a tiger that is covered in flames. Suffice it to say that any lesser enemy unlucky enough to be caught up in this technique will find themselves exiting the world sooner rather than later.

1 Novena forma: Rengoku

Only the legendary Rengoku family would have the gall to jump straight into a ninth form after learning the five established forms of Flame Breathing. This original form is one of the most powerful attacks in the Flame Breathing repertoire with a destructive capacity that is impressive to behold.

Similar to the first form, Rengoku is a slash attack employed by the user after running towards an opponent. However, its destructive capacity is so immense that it can leave a full-blown crater at the point of impact. In order to emphasize how destructive this technique really is, the adaptation of Murderer of demons It also features a dragon engulfed in flames that spawns while rushing towards the opponent at high speed. It is easily one of the most powerful techniques in the entire program.

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