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Creator of Silent Hill believes that remake of the game should modify its concept | Levelup

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Rumors surrounding a remake of Silent Hill they are still strong, despite the fact that it has been several months without knowing anything official. The idea of ​​the return of the franchise is something that excites fans, even the creator of the series is interested, but he believes that for Konami to work it should present the original game, but with a major modification.

At The Game Awards 2021, the new studio from the creator of Silent Hill, Keichiiro Toyama, presented his new game, Slitterhead. To talk more about this project and more topics, the developer was present in an interview with Video Games Chronicle, in which he spoke about the rumors of the return of Silent Hill.

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Keiichiro Toyama would like to play a remake of Silent Hill

In the interview, Toyama was asked if Konami should make remakes of Silent Hill just as Capcom has made them of Resident Evil (Biohazard). The interesting thing is that Toyama mentioned that of course he would be interested in trying it, since he considers that the franchise introduced concepts in the horror genre and would like to see what is preserved and what is modified.

“I can’t say anything about myself, however, if there is a new installment in the future, I would obviously be very interested in it as a user. I know there are now a ton of games that followed in the footsteps of Silent Hill, so I would particularly like to know what a new installment would leave behind and what it would change from the original, “commented Toyama.

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Toyama thinks Konami should change some of Silent Hill in a possible remake

Perhaps Toyama’s most striking response in the interview is the one he gave when asked about how a possible remake of Silent Hill. According to the creative, the same formula that he has used would not work for Konami Capcom with Resident Evil, because consider that the gameplay of Silent Hill It is older and, if only the gameplay or graphics are refined as in Resident Evil, the project would leave the fans to be desired. So the developer suggested that the concept should be reimagined in order to offer something that is interesting to fans.

“I think it would be more difficult to redo than Biohazard because the gameplay as a concept is a bit older. It is not an action game where you can only refine the action as in Biohazard; fans would not be satisfied if only modern standards are applied or graphics are polished Silent Hill. It wasn’t about that — how beautiful he was. I think you would have to reimagine the concept to make it interesting for the fans, “expressed Toyama.

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