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Can you play Pokémon GO in space? Japanese millionaire will answer it | Levelup

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It has been many years since space research ceased to be a topic in the foreground, but that does not mean that science has stopped pushing the limits of knowledge outside of this planet. However, in recent years space travel has become a very exclusive market niche since they are already available to the world’s millionaires and while there are missions in search of knowing everything possible about our universe, there are others that seek to know if it is possible to play Pokémon GO off Earth.

¿Pokémon GO does it work in space? A millionaire takes the mission

Recently, the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, along with a team of specialists, traveled to the International Space Station, becoming another of the rich who can pay exorbitant amounts to see the Earth from space. In fact, Maezawa surprised Japan by announcing that he has 8 places on a SpaceX rocket that will leave for the Moon in 2023 and is looking for 8 artists who are able to move him and thus ensure his participation in this experience. Well, after arriving at the International Space Station, the millionaire has shared part of his journey, including a fast-motion shot of the Earth seen from space.

In addition to space tourism, Maezawa is in space to answer some questions such as what happens if we spill a gas there or, a very important one, if it is possible to play Pokémon GO outside the Earth and the way the Niantic application responds in what is supposed to be a limit to the scope of the game, although it should be taken into account that there are communication possibilities thanks to satellite networks.

Believe it or not, the answer to these types of questions is part of this journey and when the Japanese millionaire returns to Earth he will share the results after his experience.

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