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Call of Kilforth, the third installment of the series takes us to explore the seas

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Call of Kilforth, the third installment in the Fantasy Quest Games series, takes players to the southern waters of the world, after exploring the rest of the continent with Gloom of Kilforth and Shadows of Kilforth.

Call of Kilforth is a board game designed for 1 to 4 players, with a recommended age from 13 years, and with games of a variable duration that ranges between 45 and 180 minutes

We are facing the third installment of the series Fantasy Quest Games and invites players to continue the fight against the Ancients and the darkness they bring.

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After a powerful ally is summoned by a conclave of high wizards, called the Veilwraith, it appears that the people of Kilforth may rest easy in hopes of saving themselves from the spread of darkness. However, the Ancients are not resting on their laurels and rise again to finalize their plans.

As heroes against the Ancients, players must navigate the South Seas of Kilforth to save their world once again.

Call of Kilforth, explore the world and find the key to defeat the ancients

Call of Kilforth is a collaborative board game featuring an open world with various locations, missions, enemies, and rewards to find.

Able to be played with the original Gloom of Kilforth or as a game of its own, Call of Kilforth challenges players to defeat the evil Ancients within 25 days or risk the arrival of the end of the world.

As heroes of Kilforth, players can choose where they want to travel through the southernmost point of the world, which is made up of a coastal environment and a treacherous ocean, and what they want to do on their turn.

What players achieve during the day phase of the game determines the fate of their heroes and the world of Kilforth in the face of the Ancients’ conspiracies, which take place during the night phase.

Players can choose whether to respond directly to the Ancients’ conspiracies or to ignore them in favor of conserving their strength for a future encounter. Throughout the game, they will have to balance the need to gather power against the Ancients, with managing the negative effects caused by the acts of the dark powers.

During their turn, players can do a series of actions, the number of which will depend on their total health points, such as traveling to different locations, looking for possible encounters, discovering rewards, buying and selling items, or even leveling up their characters to improve your skills. In addition to the main cooperative mode of the game, Call of Kilforth can also be played solo with the player managing multiple heroes.

Call of Kilforth has been created by Tristan Hall, the designer behind the original Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game, and its first sequel Shadows of Kilforth, as well as the history-themed 1066 tabletop title, Tears to Many Mothers.

Hall or Nothing Productions, the studio responsible for the publication of the previous installments of the Fantasy Quest Game series, will be in charge of publishing Call of Kilforth.

The Kickstarter campaign for Call of Kilforth It will run until January 7, and with a contribution of 52 pounds a copy of the main game will be obtained, which is estimated to reach patrons in January 2023.

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