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Battlefield 2042 Gets 64-Player Modes On PS5, Xbox Series X / S, And PC Temporarily

Battlefield 2042 He continues to fight his own battle to attract players. DICE and EA have implemented this week, through All-Out Warfare, 64-player Conquest and Advancement modes. They will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC for a limited time; they are expected to be accessible during the Christmas period. A news that comes shortly after the developers have incorporated a huge update that adds more than 300 fixes to the title.

Conquest and Advancement of 64 Players Now Available

In addition to power enjoy Conquest and Advancement with fewer players (Battlefield 2042 was launched with these modalities covering 128 players on new generation consoles and PC), this is not the only thing that DICE has prepared. The studio also announces that Rush’s Featured Playlist will also be available during the Christmas holidays.

The last update sought to add changes to the balance of the game and improvements in quality of life. For example, since launch, DICE has improved the bullet hit log and changes have been made to the balance of bullet dispersion and recoil. In turn, this patch aims to offer a “smoother gameplay” as well as corrections to “general errors”.

The future of Battlefield

In recent days we have also received interesting news about what we can expect from this saga in the future. EA has already expressed interest in forming a “universe Battlefield connected “: although it has not been clearly specified how this idea will be implemented, the company is looking for a “universe of connected worlds of characters and shared narratives”.

That said, a well-known insider points out that the next Battlefield evening a hero shooter: Maybe that’s what the saga is heading for? To conform a universe in the style Overwatch The Apple Legends with a backstory and heroes that have their own peculiarities? At the moment, it appears that the introduction of specialists in Battlefield 2042 It will be the thread to pull in the future.

Battlefield 2042 ya is disponible en PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 y Xbox One. “The prestigious saga of multiplayer shooters returns with a spectacular delivery at the visual level, fun in the playable and scarce of content,” we wrote in our analysis. We also invite you to consult our guide tips and tricks.

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