Wednesday, August 17

An AI creates its own Pokémon after analyzing all existing designs

Pokmon is a saga that has almost 900 creatures spread across each and every one of its main games and spin-off, so creating new pocket monsters can become an increasingly complex challenge for the team of The Pokémon Company and Game Freak. If a designer can’t come up with more ideas for creating new Pokémon, why not hand over the task to an artificial intelligence? Following this same reasoning, Max Woolf, a data scientist specialized in creating content generation tools through artificial intelligences, has created a spectacular AI capable of generating Pokémon designs completely original.

It is very likely that you wonder how he managed to do it. Well, the process has been rather simple: Woolf forced artificial intelligence to look at each and every one of the Pokémon existing to this day in order to generate their own designs from the existing ones. The result, as you can see in the numerous captures that accompany the thread shared by the user, is surprising to say the least. It is true that there are some designs that do not quite fit together and that are the result of a somewhat strange mix between various parts of Pokémon, although there are others who are genuinely good and that they could fit into a real game.

Pokmon is trough

Despite the fact that it does not get rid of some controversy on the part of the most demanding players, Pokmon is today in a surprising state of health, at least as far as sales are concerned. Pokémon Shiny Diamond / Shimmering Pearl They have already managed to sell more than 6 million copies worldwide and continue to sell at a very good rate in Japan. On the other hand, Leyendas Pokmon Arceus will go on sale next January 28, 2022 exclusively for Switch and just a few hours ago new characters that we will find in the Hisui region have been shown.

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