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A developer of the original Grand Theft Auto for PSX explains how they included the tanks

A recent article published in the Gamerhub medium (goes Gaming Bolt) reveals new details of the most curious about the development of the Grand Theft Auto original released for PlayStation in 1997. The article in question contains statements from the artist Stewart Waterson and programmer Ian Johnson, who talk about an experiment they conducted during the development phase that ended up becoming a fundamental part of the game’s gameplay to encourage chaos and destruction. We talk about the inclusion of tanks, a military weapon that to this day remains one of the most widely used vehicles in the GTA modern.

The tank received many compliments from the players

“The premise was that there was a vehicle code that we can use. There was also a ballistics code that would allow a rotating pedestrian to fire bullets in eight directions. Our idea was that if you put a pedestrian on top of a car, and you slowed the car down and massively increased the damage from bullets, then you had a basic version of a tank.“Explains Waterson. It was not planned to include tanks from the beginning since the team thought that the game would not support it, although they managed to end up including it in a very creative way.” A group of testers and teammates who had entered before they were playing with the tanks. They had a great time“.

Thanks to the good feedback On the part of the lucky players who tried the preliminary version of the game, they finally opted to include the tank. “Although we had to adhere to some accepted standards in game design, the teams that controlled those key pieces forcibly introduced this core of utter chaos, senseless destruction. We struggled to try to get a chance to do it, and if we were turned down, we were going to do it anyway.“added the developer. The funny thing about this anecdote is that the GTA original, developed by DMA Design, was to be a driving game called Race’n’Chase, although thanks to the inclusion of certain elements such as the tank itself, the idea ended up leading to a kind of crime simulator that ended up leading to one of the most profitable sagas in history.

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