Wednesday, July 6

Worlds 2021 had 1 billion hours viewed | Levelup

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Riot Games has revealed that Worlds 2021 had more than 1 billion total watch hours on 34 streaming platforms around the world. This number reflects the success of the tournament and sets the bar very high in terms of audience.

In a video posted this morning, the company broke down the world championship statistics, reporting that the grand final between DWG KIA and Edward Gaming had a peak of 73 million viewers.

According to Riot, the Worlds final was especially popular in China. The Asian country contributed the vast majority of the audience with approximately 69 million of the 73 million people who watched the game.

The 1 billion hours watched throughout Worlds 2021 spanned 121 games, the most games ever played in a World Cup of League of Legends.

Beyond the grand final, other matches that caught a lot of people’s attention were the semi-final between T1 and DWG KIA, as well as the quarter-final match between DWG KIA and MAD Lions.

Worlds 2021 was played in an isolated environment due to the pandemic. The original plan was to do it in various cities in China, but in the end the tournament was held entirely in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The next World Cup League of Legends It will be in Mexico, the United States and Canada. To see more information about it, follow this link.

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