Wednesday, June 29

Virginie Haas, Head of Global Game Production at Ubisoft, steps down

Ubisoft announces through a statement that Virginie Haas, who has served as Ubisoft’s director of global game production for 16 months after serving for three years as an independent director of its board, left the company “to pursue other activities. According to Haas’ professional profile on LinkedIn (via VGC), has been in charge of the production of games worldwide until the day of its departure.

“The company is in the process of appointing his successor. Meanwhile, the senior team he was in charge of ensuring the continuity and perfect execution of current projects“Specifies the Ubisoft statement. It should be noted that Haas says goodbye to the company just as it tries to improve its image after a wave of accusations of discrimination and sexual harassment, a fact that led to a request by of workers for improve their working conditions.

Ubisoft is in the crosshairs of users

Regarding the issue of working conditions, it should be noted that A Better Ubisoft, a group represented by employees who are campaigning to improve the company’s working conditions, recently reached out to users for support according to the medium quoted at the beginning of the news. The company has been in the gamers’ crosshairs for the past few days in the wake of the controversial announcement of its new NFT skins system.

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