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Ubisoft falling apart? An important board of directors leaves office | Levelup

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Along with Activision-Blizzard, Ubisoft is another of the companies that has been in the spotlight for the different situations of abuse, harassment, nepotism and others more related to their work environments. In the same way, the board of directors led by Yves Guillemot seems to turn a deaf ear to the demands of the workers and in this case the departure of some of them has become notorious. There may or may not be a relationship, but without a doubt the departure of important workers from the French company gives something to talk about as on this occasion.

Ubisoft’s exits give something to talk about due to the scandals surrounding the company

Ubisoft announced the departure of Virginie Haas, who is leaving her position as the company’s head of global video game production after 16 months. According to official information, the Ubisoft board made this decision to seek other opportunities, but there were no further details about his departure, which has left the door open to speculation because the perception of the work environment is about to the soils.

Likewise, Ubisoft limited itself to pointing out that they are already looking for a replacement for Virginie Haas and for now there will be an internship in the direction of global game production, which will be in charge of the launches that are in development at this time.

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The departure of employees was already expected and Ubisoft seems to do nothing to prevent it

One of the problems that Ubisoft faces in the present and future in the short and medium term, according to an analysis of an area of ​​the same company, is the flight of talent and apparently the French company has no intention of improving things to avoid it.

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The departure of Virginie Haas takes place amid various controversies that plague Ubisoft, such as the announcement that it is preparing an NFT project that caused a wave of criticism and negative comments. At the same time, there is information that indicates that Beyond Good & Evil 2 It is close to being canceled and the company has been talking about the lack of attention to the protests of its workers, to the extent that Ubisoft itself accepted that it has lost the trust of its employees.

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