Thursday, May 26

The Gunk: The magical sci-fi adventure shown in 15 minutes of gameplay

The creators of SteamWorld, Image & Form Games, have wanted to jump into a new world of science fiction: The Gunk, title that will be available this December 16 for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC. Also, be available for Xbox Game Pass. The studio was clear from the beginning that they wanted to provide an exclusive for Microsoft, so we can also enjoy it in their subscription service from its debut. To celebrate its imminent release to the market, from IGN they have shared the first 15 minutes of this adventure.

The Gunk, exploring the secrets of an unknown planet

Accompanying Rani and Becks, a team of space transporters, players dive into unknown alien lands. We will be surrounded by a colorful scenery that we will have to explore … after our protagonists discover a dark, slimy substance. Our mission is to gather information by scanning everything around us, while gathering resources, creating new equipment … and cleaning up the dirt that infects this world.

The Gunk presents us with a protagonist capable of making use of different tools, each one adapted to the needs that come your way. It seems that we will also have to face the occasional creature infected by this dirt, but everything indicates that exploration and platforms will be the pillars of this project. At the moment, it seems that this title is outside the universe of Steamworld.

A colorful alien planet … and an infectious substance that we will have to eliminate

During these first 15 minutes, The Gunk immerses us fully in the basic tasks to give us full freedom as soon as possible. The scanning of objects, the manufacturing tasks or the interaction between the characters are some of the details that we can enjoy in the video, along with what seems to be the glimpse of some combat. In other words: we will have to be prepared for everything.

The Gunk be available this same December 16 para Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One y PC, as como en Xbox Game Pass.

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