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The Dragon Odyssey seeks funding on Kickstarter • Console and Dashboard

“An epic adventure book for the fifth edition of the best role-playing game in the world”. This is how El Artesano del Rey presents his new project: The Odyssey of the Dragons. Resort to Kickstarter to make the Spanish edition a reality.


The Odyssey of the Dragons is conformed as the Castilian edition of Odyssey of the Dragonlordsby James Ohlen, Jesse Sky and Drew Karpyshyn. It will be used for fifth edition of D&D, the role-playing game par excellence.

Throughout its pages, we will move through a land that leaves the gods subject to oaths and prophecies. The war between gods and titans transformed Thylea forever. It would not be until thousands of years later when the first mortals arrived, aboard ships and dragons.

In his day, Dragon Lords They wiped out the Titans, bringing with them an oath of peace. Now that he’s vanished, the Titans seek revenge. Faced with this situation, we put ourselves in the shoes of a hero called by prophecy.

The mission? End the conflict and, incidentally, become a legend as the new Lord of the Dragons. We will fight against titans and sail through the islands of the Forgotten Sea, increasing in level. In its open world, players will be able to choose between six epic paths, with their motivations. Decision making will be essential.

It will consist of 500 color pages, including maps and illustrations. It will add descriptions about the history, the factions and the laws, as well as the Gods, the Titans and the Lords of the Dragons. Regarding the bestiary, we will find more than 15 monsters inspired by Greek mythology.

There will be space for the 20 magic items, which also take Greek mythology as a reference. We can get them throughout the adventure or create them. The races and archetypes will be part, along with the characters that we will find throughout the adventure.

It will be complemented by a player’s guide, a 60-page book that works as a starting point when starting the journey. Also, to create the character.

The price of both during the financing search campaign is 25 euros, in digital format, or 60 euros, in a reward that includes the digital and physical format. By increasing this amount, maps, coins, displays, or a leather-bound book can be added.

We recall that El Artesano del Rey, the label in charge of this project, has a long experience in terms of craft components for role-playing games, hence this type of rewards are included. Shipping costs are free to the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. The launch is set for December 2022.

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