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Stream it or skip it: ‘Still Out of My League’ on Netflix, the quirky sequel to Italian teenager Weepie

At the beginning of this year, Out of my reach, a crying teenager from Italy, came to Netflix and was delighted with her peculiar protagonist and her fight against cystic fibrosis. A few months later, we have now been given the sequel, the aptly titled Still out of my league, who follows Marta as she navigates the dating world after her break-up with the dreamy Arturo. We’re here to let you know if this sequel is worth your time or is totally out of your league.


The essence: It’s hard to believe, but a year has passed since Marta (Ludovica Francesconi) fell hard and quickly in love with the dreamy Arturo (Giuseppe Maggio). However, he has since ended things, as he realized that they were too different. Marta is now seeing Gabriele (Giancarlo Commare), a sweet artist who thinks about her. She likes to give him a hard time and they have a lot of fun together, although she still thinks of Arturo from time to time. Meanwhile, Marta’s roommates and best friends, Federica (Gaja Masciale) and Jacopo (Jozef Gjura) go on their own journeys; Federica starts a classy (albeit shady) new job and becomes the target of mean girls, while Jacopo searches for a worthy romantic partner.

Things are going well, with the exception of the occasional health problem (Marta still needs a lung transplant) when Gabriele has the opportunity to go to Paris. Marta pushes him to leave, and the two begin a long-distance relationship, a choice that is much more difficult than either of them anticipated. As Marta and Gabriele face reality and wonder what the future holds, she also prepares for what life would be like without cystic fibrosis by dictating her every move. The story also stops just as it progresses, just as Marta is heading into surgery, we are hit with a ‘to be continued’ card. Only time will reveal the destiny of our protagonist, her love and all the others.

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What movies will it remind you of ?: Still out of my league will evoke movies like JJ + E, Confessions of an invisible girl, A walk to Remember, Y The fault in our stars.

Performance worth watching: Federica (Gaja Masciale) steals the show this time, having more chances to shine in this sequel than in the first installment of this quirky story. She continues to play the role of best friend wonderfully, but she also gets more of her own story here, starting a shady new job and having to fight back against some bad girls at the office. Masciale is equal parts poise and comedic timing, more of a female lead than best friend type, so it feels appropriate that she has a lot more screen time here.

Diálogo memorable: “Opposites attract, but in the end, they break,” Marta tells us, while explaining why things ended with Arturo.

Sex and skin: There are some hidden things and a little sexy dancing, but Still out of my league it keeps it quite tame.

Our Take: I wasn’t a big fan of the first movie in the series so maybe I’m biased, but Still out of my league it’s a bit annoying. Not necessarily because of its content, but because it squanders such a charming young cast. The film heavily relies on the same rhythms as its predecessor to create drama (the ups and downs of Marta’s illness, etc.) and doesn’t seem interested in doing anything particularly new, even though there is a real possibility here to shake up. things. and make it remotely memorable. Still out of my league it is extremely predictable and repetitive, eliminating any real risk because we can guess where things are going. The movie is also just under 2 hours long, lengthening scenes much longer than they should and filling the minutes with unnecessary visual appeal.

While Still out of my league it is indeed a feast for the eyes – the use of light and the art direction are as beautiful as they were the first time around – all the vibrant aesthetics in the world cannot make up for a profoundly mediocre script. Certainly there are some growth moments for our characters (Marta’s roommates and best friends in particular get some nice scenes, even if they feel thematically out of place at times) but in the end, we’re back in an emotional position. predictable. Based on the closing title card, we will also see a third installment of the Out of my reach Serie. If it’s more of the same, I’m not so sure what the point is.

Our calling: SKIP IT. Still out of my league It features a big heart and a cast full of electrifying chemistry, but the story’s lack of focus and lengthy running time turns the whole thing into a kind of aimless drag.

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