Monday, August 8

Scrapland, the first MercurySteam game, receives a surprise remastering for PC

MercurySteam, the Spanish studio in charge of developing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow or from Samus Aran’s latest adventure with the Metroid Dread, cast through Steam Y GOG a remastering of Scrapland, his first video game. This has been announced by the developer through a new trailer published on its official YouTube channel; Some of the improvements that this version brings with it have also been shared, such as High resolution modes, dedicated servers, full gamepad support, various settings to improve the experience, achievements and Steam Cloud support.

Scrapland Remastered It can be purchased on either of the two platforms mentioned at a price of 17.95 with a 10% discount in the case of Steam and 17.89 with the same discount in GOG. The first edition of the title was originally released in 2004 for PC – it arrived on Xbox in 2005 – and quickly became a cult game thanks to its particular futuristic setting in a city inhabited by robots, its wide variety of vehicles to control and a particular sense of humor. Scrapland allows us to control a total of 15 characters with different personalities and abilities; also has 140 main missions and a multiplayer mode both on a local network and through the Internet.

We can handle a wide variety of ships in this action title

As we have highlighted before, the title has a generous variety of combat ships, each of them specialized in a specific characteristic. We can find from Very fast ships, even others that prioritize firepower or other facets such as resistance or maneuverability. On the other hand, the story revolves around a distant future in which the Earth has been conquered by robots and humans are regarded as nightmare monsters. In our adventure we will incarnate D-Tritus, a newcomer who will investigate the brutal murders committed by a human on the loose in a city.

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