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Roblox accused of being an unsafe platform for children

Roblox It is quite a phenomenon among the young. It is also a platform where move large amounts of money, where its users have contact with other players or creators, and that has been previously pointed out by an investigative report from People Make Games as a place with a business model with which ROBLOX Corporation brings out the creativity of children: children under 12 account for more than half of the 3 billion accounts registered.

A new investigation (goes Eurogamer) from the same YouTube channel brings to light various stories that put the magnifying glass on the responsibility of ROBLOX Corporation in certain practices that take place on its platform: from the child labor abuse by other users in the absence of moderation of the contents and communications, going through the black market of items that have real monetary value. On Roblox users can win a virtual currency called Robux that can be converted into money.

Users taking advantage of child labor

The games of Roblox, created by other users, are free, but have certain paid elements. In addition, there are cosmetic items, also created by the community, that are paid. ROBLOX Corporation keeps a portion of the transactions, but despite this some users have managed to make money from the game. The success of the platform and the business model has led to the fact that, in order to create higher quality creations, the users congregate in development teams.

The situation has meant that kids join those teams, which maintain contact through tools other than Roblox, which leaves young people out of the moderation of the company that created the platform. Thus, the children could be working for other users, perhaps adults or perhaps other young people, without any security practices. In addition, the user who leads the project can take control of the same and of the monetization without the rest of the participants being able to do anything to avoid it.

Communication without moderation

ROBLOX Corporation close the official forums of Roblox in 2017 after a scandal (although at no point did they say that the reason was that): links of child pornography were being published in them. The closure of the official platform meant that the communities moved to other non-moderate digital environments by the company, such as Discord and social networks.

One anonymous minor who has spoken with People Make Games ensures that another developer abused him, and that this still makes money with the games created in RobloxDespite the fact that the platform ensures that developers expelled from the platform for violating the rules of conduct also lose access to monetization.


A black market in websites that deceive minors

Another supposed problem of the platform has to do with a deregulated black market arisen by how the official cosmetic market works. On the platform they are sold tems digital, sometimes sponsored, in limited units and for a limited time. The shortage causes them to be resold at prices exponentially higher than the original, and ROBLOX Corporation takes 30 percent of the sales. The official store has a graph showing the evolution of prices as if it were a financial website.

Some users, for avoid paying the fee with which the company stays, they use third-party websites to make transactions, something that is prohibited in the terms of use of the platform. As the company is not linked to these websites, has no way to moderate them beyond expel from Roblox to the users they detect using them. On those pages there are links and forms to attract children, show from People Make Games.

Roblox pidi a People Make Games to delete the video

Roblox Corporation, who asked the aforementioned YouTube channel that They will delete the published video in August that he accused the company of exploiting children for the benefit of the company, he has responded to several of the accusations made in the new video. It ensures that they have a “team trained expertly with thousands of members dedicated to protecting users and monitor 24/7 for inappropriate content. “Add:” Also We encourage our users to maintain their interactions and communications on the platform, where we can control and intervene “.

Roblox surpassed 3 billion users in October. In August they presented a financial report in which they claimed that they had earned 509.3 million dollars in the last year.

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