Friday, July 1

Prison Tycoon: Under New Management releases final version and free DLC • Console and Dashboard

Prison Tycoon: Under New Management Leave Early Access behind. Its full version is now available on PC, through Steam. It is not the only novelty, since it is also released Roll Call, a free DLC.


Abylight Barcelona and Ziggurat Interactive propose us to take care of our inmates through innovative rehabilitation techniques. The mission? Get them to return to their normal life, without repeating mistakes.

Leaving the severe punishments behind, we will opt for zero gravity rooms, virtual reality treatments and dance sessions. Each person is a world, so everything could work. Even the craziest ideas. In fact, each prisoner will have unpredictable behaviors. Without neglecting this point, we will keep our prison clean and beautiful.

We will need it to be profitable and efficient so that everyone is happy. The demanding government will ask us to be respectful of nature, complicating existence. We will start construction in a desert, a tundra, a tropical environment, a taiga, or a swamp. We will design each room and each block and hire the right staff.

Safety, of course, must not stray from our plans. It will arrive by guards, watchtowers and cameras. Talking about Roll Call, its free DLC, is intended for those who broadcast content, increasing interaction. They will unleash the imagination with full character customization, while engaging the community.

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