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Nathy Peluso ‘raises’ the temperature with a coulant: “This is the sex that can be shown at this time”




Pablo Motos received this Tuesday in ‘The Hormiguero’ to the singer Nathy Peluso, who has presented ‘Living like this is dying of love’, the new single released on December 10th. It is a new version of the mythical theme by Camilo Sesto. Argentina has spoken with the host of the entertainment program of Antenna 3 of this year 2021 that closes for her, in which she has been awarded the Latin Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album for ‘Calambre’ and has reviewed her musical career.

As soon as he took a seat and to start the interview, Nathy Peluso gave his opinion about the controversy that was generated two months ago by the video clip that he starred with C. Tangana in the Cathedral of Toledo. “The surprise was satisfactory because it meant that the song was playing yam what matters most to me is music. In fact, Let’s pretend the controversy was more because of the gesture that he was holding my hair than because of the church, which we chose because it seemed to us a very beautiful place “, the 25-year-old artist has stated.

The sweet tasting of Nathy Peluso and Pablo Motos

Next, Pablo Motos has given Nathy Peluso a sweet surprise. “The last time you came you told me there was a place where they made a spectacular dulce de leche coulant. They just brought it, it’s just made”, said the host of ‘El Hormiguero’ while a member of the team served one to each. “It’s spectacular. In fact, the day after I went to eat it and I was very flattered because everyone knew me for the coulant of dulce de leche,” acknowledged the guest. “My makeup artist is going to hate me”, added before starting to taste the dessert. After testing it, he raised the plate and showing it to the camera, he said: “This is the sex that can be shown on television at this hour.”

After tasting the dulce de leche coulant, Pablo Motos wanted to know how Nathy Peluso came up with making a version of ‘Living like this is dying of love’. “I always admire this song a lot, always, so it makes me feel the progression of the chords, of the harmony … It is very melancholic. Y I was looking for a song to bring her from the past to the present. I was taking a bath and it came to mind. I have done it with a lot of respect and a lot of admiration because it is one of the songs most sung in karaoke around the world “, The composer from Lujn, who has not been able to advance dates of her next tour, has underlined: “A world tour is closing in and I’m really looking forward to announcing it, but I can’t yet.”

Pablo Motos wanted to know if Nathy Peluso, as the title of the single that he has presented in ‘El Hormiguero’ says, has ever died of love. “Yes, many times. And I love dying of love and being reborn from that”, The singer has assured. “Every time I fall in love slower, because I am learning, but I like to give myself to love, I like to fall in love, it seems to me one of the most beautiful things in life “, has stood out. “Not only do I fall in love with people, I fall in love with experiences, with music … I fall in love constantly”, Argentina has continued that next January 12 will be 26 years old.

Nathy Peluso confesses her tastes in love

The artist has revealed what qualities and virtues a man or woman must have in order for them to notice what is in her. “I like big people, with emotional sensitivity, committed, interesting and every time I care less about the aesthetic issue because there are many more ugly people in the world than pretty”, indicated Nathy Peluso. “We are much uglier than pretty and it is something that must be normalized. We have to stop looking for beautiful people on the outside and look for beautiful people on the inside. I prefer a thousand times a person who contains me emotionally than a beautiful person “, has asserted. “But speaking of aesthetics, I quite like the Iberian”, has added.

Nathy Peluso has also revealed where on the body she looks to check if a person is morbid. “I look at the size in general. I don’t like them peeled, I like them with good hair, that they dress well, elegant … I don’t like modern hairstyles. I like classic people “, The singer has pointed out, who has also said what things make her lose her illusion. “What seduces me the most is being able to talk about music with a person, put me good records and have a musical connection. And what bothers me is not being able to talk to that person “, has explained. “Normally I don’t connect to fall in love. If I fall in love, I get girlfriend and forget about me, but now I’m absolutely in something else, I’m not in love”, has sentenced.

Nathy Peluso sings a live Christmas carol

Lastly, Nathy Peluso has admitted that she is in love with Christmas. “I love Christmas. It is actually a good time to fall in love with family. I fall in love with my family at this time of year because I cannot dedicate myself to it and myself because I am working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and when Christmas comes it’s my time “, he has specified before singing a live Christmas carol with which he has put an end to the interview.

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