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Mortal Kombat Studio Not Ready to Announce New Game Yet Levelup

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Netherrealm Studios is one of the largest fighting game developers in the industry, so it’s normal for fans to be on the lookout for their next title. Despite his last game arriving in 2019 (and a major expansion in 2020), the studio hasn’t revealed what he’s working on and his boss just revealed why he hasn’t.

Many have been the rumors that have circulated around the new Netherrealm Studios project and fans are impatient for an official announcement. One of them took advantage of his Twitter account to ask Ed Boon, head of the study, about this and got an interesting answer.

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Why hasn’t Netherrealm Studios announced their new game?

The creative began by thanking fans for their interest and mentioned that he wishes he were ready to reveal it, but made it clear that he and his team are not yet. The specific reasons were not disclosed, but Ed Boon noted that there are “many more variables involved than they are allowed to speak of.”

Thus, it is only possible to speculate on what has happened with the development of the new project. It is possible that, as with other games in recent years, development has been affected by the pandemic and its reveal has been delayed.

Also, you should know that months ago the future of the Warner Bros. games division was a bit uncertain, since AT&T, the company that owns Warner Bros., would have planned to sell this branch. A rumor refers that for this reason Netherrealm Studios would focus on the development of the new Mortal Kombat instead of a new Injustice, in order to avoid the uncertainty of DC Comics franchise licensing.

In case you missed it: Ed Boon was at DC Fandome 2021, but did not reveal a new game.

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