Wednesday, August 17

Microsoft creates poster in honor of Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death

Xbox recently completed 20 years of history full of great legendary successes, but also with the occasional slip that endangered the reputation of the company. However, it is at least remarkable how well those responsible have managed to overcome the different obstacles throughout these two decades, achieving consolidate Xbox as one of the great brands at the level of other more veteran such as PlayStation or Nintendo. The Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death is, without a doubt, one of the most striking setbacks that we can find in its trajectory, and Microsoft has wanted to immortalize it on a new poster.

The red ring of death was a problem of hardware which mainly affected the first Xbox 360 models launched on the market. The green light ring that we can find in the power button of the console appeared with three red rings to indicate an overheating issue affecting console performance. As a curious fact, since Game Rant emphasize that the three red rings do not always appear at the same time: the number of red rings lit determined the severity of the problem of hardware, so a single ring or two could also appear. However, this indicator of failures in Xbox 360 was colloquially baptized at the time as the “Red Ring of Death” for being the most common among system buyers.

The poster is sold in the official Xbox store

This new poster has been created by Microsoft in order to promote Power On: The Story of Xbox, un Free documentary that reviews the trajectory of Xbox in these last 20 years from its beginnings to the present, highlighting in each of its episodes the most interesting successes and errors. The Red Ring of Death poster, in addition to other 20th anniversary items, can be purchased through the xbox store At a price of $ 24.99 and has a size of 18×24 inches. It is a wise move for Microsoft to admit mistakes made in the past; If we focus on their systems overheating problems, we can see a clear improvement in every console that has been released all the way to Xbox Series X / S.

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