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Martial Arts Legend Bruce Lee Comes to NARAKA: BLADEPOINT | Levelup

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The Battle Royale fever gave rise to all kinds of proposals, all focused on the pitched battle but with its particularities. While the use of short, medium and long-range weapons is common, there are also options for close combat and that is where it comes in. NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, game developed by 24 Entertainment that has received a historical guest.

Bruce Lee is ready for combat in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT

Through a press release, the developers of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT announced the arrival of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, who will be in the game thanks to the 7 suits that are now available to users. According to the information, the battle on Morus Island will be decked out by Bruce Lee with the first costumes available for Tianhai, Kurumi, Yueshan, and Valda.

These costumes are inspired by some of Bruce Lee’s iconic performances in movies like Enter The Dragon, Fist of Fury, The Big Boss and the classic suit that he wore in Game of Death.

Video: Naraka: Bladepoint x Bruce Lee – Collaboration Trailer

On the other hand, 24 Entertainment reported that from December 17 to 20 there will be a free trial period of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, which will allow players to join the battle royale action on PC, with up to 60 users, wearing the suits of Bruce Lee and attacking with the new weapon, the Nunchuks.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is available on PC.

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