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It’s on fire! Henry Cavill also wants to star in a Warhammer series | Levelup

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The next premiere of Season Two of The Witcher On Netflix it has caused that, once again, the British actor Henry Cavill is giving something to talk about and that is that the possibilities for him to be the protagonist of projects related to entertainment franchises are greater thanks to his passion for video games and board games strategic. Precisely, Cavill ignited the hype of the fans of Warhammer by mentioning something related to the Games Workshop board game franchise that has given rise to video games.

Henry Cavill wants to bring his passion to Warhammer to tv

During an interview with IGN (via PCGamer), Henry Cavill, who plays Geralt of Rivia in the series The Witcher on Netflix, revealed that his passion for Warhammer is such that he would like to star in a live-action series inspired by one of the 2 universes of the franchise, be it the fantasy or the Warhammer 4OK. In this regard, the actor declared: “There are many characters from the universe of Warhammer that I would like to be. But I can only be one, so if something like this was done it would have to be live-action, I have to make sure it’s such a project. “

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¿Mass Effect, Warhammer? What’s next for Henry Cavill?

Cavill’s statements ignited the hype of his fans and is that the premiere of the new season of The Witcher has taken the perfect pretext for the actor to reveal that he would love to do something related to Mass Effect and now he has done the same, ensuring that he would also do something with Warhammer.

If we take into account that we are at a time when projects find more viability through series, it would not be strange that at some point a production team is encouraged to do something starring Henry Cavill, In the case of Warhammer, the actor has made public his passion for Games Workshop’s work and is considered an unofficial ambassador as he has shared it worldwide.

The Second Season of The Witcher It will premiere on December 17 on Netflix.

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