Thursday, January 20

Forspoken details its different graphic modes on PS5 and exclusive functions with DualSense

Forspoken, the ambitious open world set in a fantasy universe distributed by Square Enix and developed by Luminous Productions, confirms New exclusive details for your PlayStation 5 version. Broadly speaking, the development studio has shared the different graphic modes in which the title works on Sony’s next-generation console, as well as the functions of the DualSense. It was recently confirmed that the final release date for PC and PS5 will be the next May 24, 2022; We have already been able to test it and we will comment on it in our impressions.

PS5 has three different graphic modes so that you can choose the one that best suits your optimal gaming experience: graphics mode at 4K and 30 fps, performance mode at 1440p and 60 fps and a mode ray tracing or ray tracing. Regarding this last mode, at the moment we do not know specific details about its resolution and frames per second. “Right now, we are planning to add the three main modes that we see in many games today for PS5,” explained the producer of Forspoken. “We have the performance mode, which will be processed at 2K and 60fps, and then we have the graphics mode which will work at 4K and 30fps. We also have a ray tracing mode. Thus we will have the set of modes that the rest of modern games for PS5 have“, aggregate.

Exclusive features of the PlayStation 5 DualSense

Takeshi Aramaki, Game Director, confirms that the PS5 version will take advantage of some of the most notable features of the DualSense such as hepatic feedback or adaptive triggers. “We have included a lot of features from hardware exclusive to PS5 when we were developing this game. For example, using the adaptive triggers, we have added a tactile response when you use the different types of magic. We have a lot of different magic spells that you can use in the game; both planners and designers sat down to work to differentiate the response you receive from the command for each of the magic spellsAramaki explained.

From Wccftech remind us that the title has a console exclusivity limited to a period of two years, so it’s likely not coming to other systems beyond PS5 until before June 2024. What are your expectations? Forspoken?

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