Wednesday, July 6

Fernando Alonso activates The Plan

Fernando Alonso is still in Abu Dhabi. He stayed because tomorrow he will ride on the new 18-inch Pirelli tires – Ocon does it today. Meanwhile, on Instagram, the Asturian summarized the course and predicted the future. “Tomorrow we will start the tests for 2022 … it’s been an amazing 2021 season for me and for the team. I am very grateful for this, my twentieth season in the sport, “he said.

The two-time world champion wrote a ‘post’ in which he took stock … and left hope open. This is how it reads point by point:

– “Happy to be back in the sport after 2 seasons in endurance / indy / rally (Dakar).

– The preseason started in a hospital after a bicycle accident.

– My teammate and friend Esteban Ocon won a race, the first for Alpine. We have been pushing the team and we have pushed each other until the last race.

I went back to the F1 podium After some years.

– We finished in the top 5 in the constructors ‘championship and in the top 10 in the drivers’ championship.

– We took our F1 car for a spin at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

We enjoy every second of the year on and off the track despite the pandemic and all the travel restrictions we had.

We Activate The Plan“.

Undoubtedly, the latter is the one that generates the most illusion among Alonso fans, since it refers, of course, to Alpine’s idea of ​​settling into the elite F1 and fight for partial victories and the World Cup. With the new rules, already in force by 2022, they hope to take the definitive step forward.

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