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Chocobo GP arrives on March 10 to Switch accompanied by a free version

Chocobo GP has stepped on the accelerator and already has an arrival date: be available on March 10, 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch, in Spain and around the world. Nintendo has shared the information in a press release, where they also confirm the simultaneous launch of a free version: Chocobo GP Lite. The karting game was announced last September, and that same month we were able to enjoy videos showing its circuits and mechanics.

Chocobo GP, the kart races with chocobos arrive on March 10

In this adventure on four wheels we will be able to join Chocobo and his friends to launch ourselves to participate in a whole series of races. The circuits that are part of Chocobo GP will be very familiar to players, as they are inspired by locations typical of the sagas Chocobo Y Final Fantasy. Also, as we say, that same launch day will also be available Chocobo GP Lite, a free download version that allows us to test the game at no additional cost.

In addition to the classic races, it will also have different game modes: a Story Mode and the mode that gives the game its name, Chocobo GP, in which until 64 players they will participate in knockout races. From Nintendo they also share the information of these other three modalities:

  • Time trial: Players can challenge themselves to beat their personal records on the different circuits. They can also compete against other players from around the world asynchronously to see who gets the best time.
  • Serial race: Players will be able to compete for the podium in a series of four races; can be played alone or with friends.
  • Custom race: Players can create their own races with custom rules and make them as challenging as they want, both for themselves and their friends.

Join Chocobo and his friends and enjoy go-kart racing on iconic Final Fantasy circuits

As for the free version, Chocobo GP Lite Allows players to tackle the Story Mode prologue and participate in multiplayer races both locally and online with up to eight players, if the host is a friend with the full version of the game. Users of the Chocobo GP Lite They can also participate in 64-player races, as well as move all their progress to the premium version if they decide to purchase it.

We remind you that Chocobo GP is gearing up to debut on March 10, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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