Sunday, January 16

Car Mechanic Manager 2023 Announced • Console and Dashboard

Pyramid Games and Manager Games Announce Car Mechanic Manager 2023. They present it as an inexpensive game, in which to build and develop our own car repair shop.


Following the essence of management games, this proposal will invite us to develop our own workshop. We will have to hire employees and, of course, repair cars.

The player will take care of the financial aspects of the business, trying to make it profitable. You will have complete freedom to choose the tactics that allow you to get closer to your goals, maximize effectiveness and get the most profits. There will be different modalities. For now, its developers are working on the introduction of elements that favor the competition and at random events, with its positive and negative consequences.

As is logical, it will offer a wide variety of vehicles, of very different ranges. It will be in 2023, on a date yet to be specified, when it arrives on PC. To liven up the long wait, it has been seen in a presentation trailer.

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