Monday, June 27

A Slayer Playlist Is Finally Coming To Halo Infinite Next Week

After much wailing and gnashing of teeth within the Halo community, 343 Industries has announced that a Slayer playlist will be added to the multiplayer portion of the game in an update next week. The new playlist will arrive on December 14th and should be a welcome addition to all players who seemed baffled by the exclusive to the playlist since the mode’s launch on November 15th.

343 Industries announced the next edition on the Halo subreddit. The lack of a Slayer playlist resulted in a degree of friction between 343 Industries and the player base, though other issues like how multiplayer is monetized and slow player progression speed have also added fuel to the fire.

According to the statement issued by 343, this will not be the final form of the Slayer playlist, which should have presented new variants that are not ready and would not be ready by the end of the year. Instead, this will feature a base Slayer offering for players who want it, and the team will look to expand it in the future.

The update will also include some challenge tweaks that should remove some of the frustration players have been feeling while also introducing new challenges, according to 343.

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