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‘A Discovery of Witches’ Season 2 Finale: Teresa Palmer Explains Diana’s Secret Choice

Spoilers for A witch discovery The end of season 2 is coming!

A witch discovery Season 2 premiered this morning on Sundance Now, Shudder, and AMC +, leaving fans with its last glimpses of Matthew (Matthew Goode) and Diana (Teresa Palmer) in the 16th century. After a full season of lovers searching for Ashmole 782, it was finally time to return to the present day. Armed with her ninth knot and the advice of her own father (David Newman), Diana was able to transport herself and Matthew back to today’s Sept-Tours. We think. We assume. Actually, we don’t know for sure.

“You know, we are very well known for making cliffhangers,” Teresa Palmer told Jugo Mobile yesterday with a smile in her voice, explaining that the season 2 finale mirrored season 1. “I think people can feel like we’re heading towards something. massive and we are. I finished season 3, filming it. “

Palmer could have finished shooting A witch discovery Season 3, but the Americans just got their hands on the season 2 finale. In an off-screen time-jumping twist, British fans were able to enjoy the series in one go when it premiered in January. Americans have been watching A witch discovery Season 2 in a weekly episodic release. Palmer told Jugo Mobile that she is “excited.” Americans are all up to date now.

“It’s a lot of fun, because in the UK, people could binge. So I was talking to so many fans on social media saying they had watched all the episodes and had been stuck for two days. And then, you know, the American fans of the show said, ‘Don’t give us spoilers, we haven’t seen it yet!’ Palmer said. “But it’s actually quite liberating to know now that I can talk about the entire season without worrying if people have seen every episode.”

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At Discovery of witches At the end of Season 2, Diana finds herself summoning her familiar fire dragon to ward off the attacks of a jealous Kit Marlowe (Tom Hughes) and Louisa de Clermont (Elaine Cassidy). However, that might not be the most explosive thing he does. Before she and Matthew return to the present day, Diana arranges a clandestine meeting with Andrew Hubbard (Paul Rhys) to ensure the safety of her adopted son in the 16th century and beyond. While Matthew wants Jack (Joshua Pickering) to grow up on Percy’s estate, Diana enlists Father Andrew’s help by offering the vampire a drop of his blood.

“Yes, it was a very bold decision for Diana. I can relate to that as a mother, because all she wanted was to know that her son would be safe and that she would take care of him, “Palmer said, before admitting that Diana’s decision could have” consequences. “

“I know you really feel conflicted about bringing this little boy into your life, who otherwise would have had a life on the street. While it was such a beautiful thing for them to fall in love with him and take care of him, now knowing that she must leave him behind, I think it just tugs on his chord. He wants to have the confidence to know that he will be cared for and loved the way she loves him, ”Palmer said. “It was a very, very difficult decision for her and she had to be very secretive about it because Matthew would certainly not approve of her choice.”

Matthew and Diana in bed in A Discovery of Witches Season 2 Episode 9
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Something that Matthew approves of, and Palmer too? That intense “witch kiss” scene in A witch discovery Season 2 Episode 9. Palmer said that the sequence, where Matthew feeds on Diana and sees Diana in his soul, was one of his all-time favorite scenes on the show.

“I love the sexual tension when it is not so obvious. Like, I prefer the moment before the kiss, or the moment before they have sex, the preparation and the beginning, ”Palmer said. “That kind of thing, to me, represents true intimacy.”

“That kind of thing” is also what makes that scene so electric. Palmer shared that they initially shot the erotic scene in reverse, but the producers rejected the creative direction, “to the director’s dismay.”

Palmer said: “[Matthew and Diana] They both seem so raw, open and vulnerable, and revealing to each other. I find it so sexy and beautiful. I loved the way it was filmed, lying on the bed together. “

Teresa Palmer in A Witch Discovery
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Palmer could have technically ended up with A witch discovery, but told Jugo Mobile that Diana Bishop isn’t done with her.

“I think she really has a place in my heart. She is imprinted on me. I’ve always been very good at breaking up with a character that moves on, but she takes a little while, ”Palmer said before admitting that she is currently shooting a movie with Discovery of witches Season 2 co-stars Steven Cree and Barbara Marten. “We’re like, ‘Oh this Discovery of witches meeting!”

While Palmer told Jugo Mobile that he believes they found a “beautiful organic ending to the show,” he is not ruling out returning to the role. Especially since he suspects that author Deborah Harkness may be working on more books about Diana Bishop.

“I don’t know if there are any plans, I mean, maybe,” Palmer said. “Deborah always writes, writes, writes, writes, and I think she has written more books and intends to write more for Diana and Matthew. So never say never. “

Of course, Palmer may not know for sure if he will return to the world of A witch discovery, but assured Jugo Mobile that fans shouldn’t have to wait that long A witch discovery Season 3 as they did for Season 2.

“I can assure you that it is not [going to be that long of a wait]”Palmer told Jugo Mobile with a laugh. “This will definitely come a lot faster than season 2.”

For now, we’ll just have to digest that Discovery of witches Season 2 finale on Sundance Now, Shudder and AMC +.


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