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17-inch LG Gram laptop

The computer 17-inch LG Gram It is the most powerful laptop in the range to date, but it does not give up its extreme portability features. It is an ultralight suitable to work in any situation, thanks to its large clear screen, the remarkable battery life and optimized performance through latest generation Intel Core processors.

The equipment is configured as a suitable ally for leisure and work, both due to its high connectivity and because of its autonomy that can reach up to 3 pm under certain conditions. In tests carried out, he has demonstrated his ability to work and manage all kinds of content, its remarkable memory capacity and its optimal performance favored by an 11th generation processor, and its Intel Iris Xe Graphics GPU.

The improvements and possibilities

The LG Gram stands out for some important details: its screen size, which makes it suitable for any type of activity, games and leisure; its low weight (1.3 Kg) that makes it very easy to transport, and its remarkable autonomy and connectivity.

It also stands out for its compact and slim design, with good durability, with a resistant magnesium and nanocarbon chassis. According to the brand, the equipment has passed seven resistance tests, including low pressure, high temperatures, dust and shock.

Regarding connections, highlight two ports Thunderbolt 4 USB Tipo-C to charge the laptop; an HDMI output; a wired headphone jack; two USB 3.2 ports and a slot to insert a microSD card.

The power button also has the fingerprint sensor functionality. A surprisingly fast and accurate sensor, with just a light touch of your finger to activate it.

As for the keyboard, note that it is backlit and provides a quick response when the keys are pressed. The touch panel is spacious and meets expectations.

A good screen

The 17-inch LG Gram offers a 16:10 IPS panel with a WQXGA resolution (2560 x 1600 pixels) that offers clear and vivid colors. It is a sharp panel, so the contents are seen in good quality from different distances and angles.

An added bonus is multitasking, which is very comfortable on this screen size.

Latest generation processor

The equipment is certified by Intel on the Evo platform, as it incorporates the eleventh generation processor and the new Iris Xe graphics to work with 4K content.

Memory capacity

It incorporates an ultrafast RAM memory of 16GB and a 512GB M2 NVMe hard drive with double slot to expand up to 4 TB, features that allow the team to multitask efficiently and simultaneously.


This device includes a high capacity 80Wh battery that allows up to 15 hours on a single charge and in intensive mode. It should be noted an added advantage and that is that the USB Type-C ports are very fast and charge the LG Gram in a few hours.

Added values

The 16:10 format offers 11% more screen in vertical format, it allows to work with editing programs, programming, etc.

The WQXGA (2560×1600) display provides clear and vivid colors,

with twice the resolution of a Full HD screen.

It has a high-capacity battery that significantly increases working autonomy

With Thunderbolt 4 you have a 4K and 8K dual screen connection in a single port, stable, scalable and secure.

The magnesium nanocarbon chassis has passed 7 endurance tests, receiving the military standard for durability STD-MIL-810G.

The keys extra large and flat ones allow you to write comfortably, helping to reduce typographical errors. Elevated key press of 1.5mm to 1.65mm, compared to previous models, helps relieve hand fatigue.


LG’s latest device in the Gram family evolves to improve productivity, incorporating a professional 16:10 display and very powerful processors.

It maintains its low weight and high connectivity, to work at any time, place and situation.

Excellent performance and user experience.

Summary of benefits

Ultralight, with 1.3 Kg of weight and battery for more than 15 hours of autonomy

New 43.2 cm (17 “) screen in 16:10 format with IPS WQXGA (2560 x 1600px) panel, which improves the color range up to 99% of the DCI-P3

High resistance magnesium and nanocarbon chassis passing 7 tests of the military standard (MIL-810G)

Ultra-fast 16GB onboard LPDDR4x RAM and 512GB M2 NVMe SSD hard drive with dual slot to expand up to 4TB. Iris Xe graphics to work with 4K UHD content with maximum fluidity. 11th Gen Intel Evo Core i7

Universal connectivity at just 17.8mm thick (2 x USB 3.2, 2 x USB Type-C with integrated Thunderbolt 4 for ultra-fast charging, 1 x HDMI, headphone jack and UFS / Micro-SD 3.0 card slot)

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The model can be buy from 1.749€.


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