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Will be? Insider says Rockstar wanted to reveal Bully 2 at The Game Awards 2021 | Levelup

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Rockstar Games is a very secretive company and we probably won’t find out about their next project until they are ready to reveal it. If informing you is to be believed, it seems that the latter could have happened recently and it is that it says that the company wanted to advertise Bully 2 en The Game Awards 2021.

The information comes from Tom Henderson, a well-known insider who has leaked correct information about companies such as Activision and Electronic Arts. According to their sources, Bully 2 it was slated to be a surprise reveal at The Game Awards 2021. So much so that there were even supposedly people who saw a playable version of the title.

Later the insider ensures that the rest of the information is not entirely clear at this time. This is why the reason why Bully 2 It was not shown at The Game Awards 2021. What he does believe is definitive is that something will happen to the series sooner or later.

It should be remembered that a report emerged a long time ago that ensures that Rockstar Games canceled a version of Bully 2 in 2021. It is said that it was a project that spent time in development at Rocksar New England and that it used the RAGE engine. That said, the project didn’t take off for multiple reasons and Rockstar Games canceled it to focus on other games.

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Should you believe this information?

Now the question is: should you believe this information? On this occasion we recommend that you take it with tweezers, but that you do not discard it completely either. That is, keep in mind that it is something that can happen, but do not believe that it is certain that it will happen.

We say it since Tom Henderson he is an insider who has turned out to be reliable, but not infallible either. That is, he is a subject who reports information he receives and who has not invented things just to get reactions on social networks. That being said, there is always the possibility that you have received the wrong information.

what do you think about this information? Do you think we will have news about Bully coming soon? Tell us in the comments.

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