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Wheel of time: Liandrin is shaping up to be the first great villain

Liandrin is shaping up to be The Wheel of Time’s first major villain. That could be a mistake since they are combining her with another important character.

Warning: Contains spoilers for The wheel of time episode 5 and Robert Jordan Time wheel.

From Amazon The wheel of time The adaptation is establishing Liandrin as the series’ first major villain, but having her as a threat so early could be a problem for the show. The wheel of time is adapting Robert Jordan’s Time wheel fantasy series. His book series spanned 14 novels from the main series, as well as a prequel novel called New spring. Rafe Judkins, The wheel of timeshowrunner, has acknowledged that season 1 of the show will include content from the first two books.

Liandrin (Kate Fleetwood) and some of her red sisters are some of the first characters to be shown in The wheel of time as Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) watches them catch a male channel before moving on to Two Rivers. She is not shown to be explicitly evil, but she does set herself up as an antagonist to Moiraine, Lan (Daniel Henney), and Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) in the way she pushes her political agenda. She attempts to manipulate Kerene Nagashi (Clare Perkins) into allowing them the gentle Logain (Álvaro Morte) before returning to the White Tower for a trial and seeks to win Nynaeve’s favor and steal her from Moiraine. Liandrin’s political actions are repeatedly raised as a problem by the fact that Aes Sedai from outside the Red Ajah are beginning to listen to her, suggesting that she is gaining power in the White Tower.

The characterization of Liandrin as a political being could pose a serious problem for Amazon. The wheel of time show because it seems to be combining two clearly different characters. In Robert Jordan’s books, a Red Ajah Aes Sedai named Elaida gains ground among the Aes Sedai and ultimately manages to depose Siuan Sanche to take over the Amyrlin Seat. This creates an especially difficult situation for Moiraine, who no longer has a strong ally at the helm of the Tower. But this also does not happen until the fourth book, The rise of the shadow. Liandrin, while still a villain in the books, does not gain political traction in the White Tower as she presents herself as a Darkfriend, a member of the secret Black Ajah who serves the Dark One.

While adaptations can and should make changes to your source material, it’s hard to see how The wheel of time He would be able to think of making Elaida and Liandrin the same. Liandrin is revealed as Darkfriend as part of a defining moment in Egwene’s story arc at the end of book two. The great hunt, which longtime readers of the books will be eager to see. With Liandrin and Elaida combined, if Liandrin has revealed herself, then she won’t be able to gain the same traction on the White Tower as Elaida, and the White Tower will likely solidify against trusting that figure after being betrayed by Liandrin. Alternatively, Liandrin would have to stage a coup against Siuan before revealing herself, which would mean turning the White Tower upside down very soon and jeopardizing the potential to train Egwene and Nynaeve there.

De Robert Jordan Time wheel It was spreading, and the show has already successfully removed some characters and moments that, while interesting, aren’t strictly necessary when it comes to engaging new viewers with a faster-paced storyline. However, if Liandrin has, in fact, become one with Elaida, it suggests that The wheel of time you might be trying to oversimplify some of your characters. In the long run, this could jeopardize important and beloved elements of the story. In doing so, you also run the risk of softening the criticism of the institutions that the White Tower represents in the books into a description that relies on it being seen as a model before it is finally shown for what it is: an institution whose potential efficacy is crippled by unquestionable traditions and elitist distance from the world’s “ivory tower”.

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