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There is no PS5 or Xbox Series X in stores in Spain, and they are resold for about 800 euros

Buy one PlayStation 5 Standard or Digital Edition (no disc player) is a near impossible task. Even more so is getting a Xbox Series X. In the heat of Christmas gift season, neither Sony’s next-generation console nor the more powerful version of Microsoft’s machine can be found in online stores. Much less in physical stores. But for those who are attentive to the few replenishments of stock, we give you some tips to increase your chances to get hold of these devices.

In the case of PlayStation 5Last week, the chain of stores GAME opened a form for reservations of PS5 with Blu-ray reader, warning that “very limited” units will arrive. In just an hour and a half reported the closure of the form. Even so, those who signed up do not yet know when they will have the console in their homes. In the case of Xbox Series X, on December 7 stock was replenished in the official Microsoft Store. In about 10 minutes ran out the units available.

As has been the case since the launch of both consoles, speculators are taking advantage of the situation. PlayStation 5 is resold on portals such as Wallapop Y eBay for prices that fluctuate between 700 and 1000 euros, when the official price of the standard model is 499.99 euros. The same goes for Xbox Series X on both of them portales: users are selling it for ms of 600 euros, sometimes exceeding 800. But there are methods to avoid having to resort to these websites.

Most effective, Telegram groups

There are Telegram groups dedicated to video game offerings that, due to the shortage of next-gen consoles, also notify when stock is replenished of PS5 and Xbox Series X in some store. The channels that we recommend are dedicated to that exclusively, except for some very succulent offer in games and / or accessories for PlayStation and Xbox.

It is the most effective method because the notification goes directly to the phone or PC and if you see the message quickly, chances are good that you will get a of the machines (although it will also happen to you many times that they remove them from your hands while you pay). It is a tough process, but be strong.

PS5 Reader or Digital d

Telegram Groups for PS5

Telegram Groups for Xbox Series X

Chollmetro Alerts

A well-known application and social network to search for bargains and alerts is Chollmetro, that thanks to his alerts keep us informed from when is there any promotion available, being able to select keywords to give us the alarm. To activate these alerts:

  • Install the Chollmetro app.
  • Click on bill (Bottom right)
  • In Alerts, click on Create an alert.
  • Choose the keywords PS5 and PlayStation 5 or XSX and Xbox Series X and select in Avsame when the bargain is: “New“.
  • Tap on Keep.
Xbox Series X y Xbox Series S d

Other tips and tricks

Beyond the two methods that we have listed above that we believe are the most effective here we leave you with other tips and tricks to have a better chance of getting an Xbox Series X or a PS5, something that will be difficult to do since as soon as there is stock they are sold out in a few minutes.

  • Have on your mobile installed apps of the stores where you will want to buy the PS5 or Xbox Series X.
  • Register in all stores in which you will buy it and leave fill in all the necessary data to make the purchase as quickly as possible.
  • Look at the social networks and check the stock from time to time from the stores manually in case the flute sounds (although with the methods that we have set you this should not be necessary).
  • Check if stores have stock alert services. Shops like PcComponentes have an “Avsame” system to alert when there is stock.
  • Think before you buySee if the price is right and, if the PS5 or Xbox Series X comes in a pack, take a look at whether the games or accessories included are to your liking.

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