Thursday, January 27

The League sells the rights for five seasons in exchange for 4,950 million to Movistar and DAZN

LaLiga announced the sale of the audiovisual rights of LaLiga Santander for the next five seasons, those between 2022/23 and 2026/27, to the platforms Movistar and DAZN for a total amount of 4,950 million euros. The entity chaired by Javier Tebas described the operation as “historic” for clubs and fans of Spanish football.

The contest has been resolved with the award by 4.950 million euros for the next 5 seasonsThe winners being: Movistar with a total of 5 games per day plus 3 full days; and DAZN with another 5 games per day.

Going from entering 980 per course to 990, an improvement of around 1%, although for a longer period of time. The lots pending award, corresponding to LaLiga SmartBank, the Horeca channel and the open game, are expected to enter the competition between February and March 2022.

In fact, It is the only League that grows in the tender. Italy’s Serie A, the Bundesliga and France’s Ligue 1 lost between 4% and 5% in their latest awards. The Premier sold for the same amount.

“The possibility that on this occasion the offers will be for 5 years contributes to a greater medium-term stability and creates greater certainty among winners to invest in content. In this way, LaLiga is comparable to what they already do in other leagues and major sports competitions, reinforcing their competitiveness, “added the aforementioned body in a statement.

Likewise, LaLiga highlighted that the number of national and international offers to commercialize the rights was very high and expressed the interest that the Spanish championship aroused “thanks to its great audiovisual product.”

“In addition to this award at the national level, we have recently witnessed other international agreements of great significance in United States, Mexico and Latam, which also reaffirm the interest of the international industry in LaLiga and ensure the economic stability of the competition in the medium term, “concluded the aforementioned statement.

With the closure of the tender, which allows the League to maintain its income level in the future, Thebes saves its second match ball of the month, after getting the League Assembly to approve the agreement with CVC fund.

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