Tuesday, August 16

The funicular in Psychonauts 2 is inspired by the one in Bilbao

Psychonauts 2, the Double Fine game that managed to gain a niche among the nominees for Best Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2021, has a curious inspiration in Bilbao as confirmed by the author himself. Tim Schafer in response to a post from the Fun & Serious Game Festival. Just a couple of days ago the festival shared through its Twitter account that the title had won an award for Best Narrative Design and, as a thank you, Schafer shared a most interesting curiosity. Apparently, the funicular of Psychonauts 2 It is inspired by the one we can find in Bilbao.

“And for the best narrative design! Thank you, Fun & Serious Game Festival. I wish I could be in Bilbao to celebrate with all of you. Did you know that the funicular in your city was a great inspiration for Psychonauts 2? I love a good funicular. Who doesn’t? Cable car!“The designer shared through his personal account. The festival took advantage of Schafer’s publication to expand the information and highlight that the Bilbao funicular to which the designer refers is the one we can find on Mount Archanda. A very curious detail that shows once again where some of the most relevant creatives get their inspiration.

Best Game of the Year for Fun & Serious Game Festival

Although Psychonauts 2 did not succeed in The Game Awards 2021, the Fun & Serious Game Festival has been in charge of awarding Double Fine’s work some more than deserved recognitions, such as the one we mentioned above for Best Narrative Design and even Best Game of the Year. From the development studio they are proud that the title was developed without labor exploitation and they are already eager to start working on their next big project, which promises to be “brand new and amazing”.


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